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I love Isaac. I thought he was much older than his 25 years. He does a pretty genuine one on mental illness that I thought was nice. And we died laughing at the “scary time for boys” song commentary.

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He’s great, but I doubt he translates all that well to ALL that many outside of down-under :slight_smile:

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That’s [spoiler]fucking bollocks[/spoiler], mate! He’s perfectly under[spoiler]fucking[/spoiler]standable, and I’m from nowhere near OZ. And where’s the profanity in the video? I don’t hear any! :grin:

“Unbelievably hypo[spoiler]fucking[/spoiler]critical” is now my new favorite phrase!

Oops! Caught the profanity! He said the M-word ([spoiler]McDonald’s[/spoiler])

My kind of young man. May he live to send his mum many, many more cat-emojis!

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