If you don’t have anything ig-nert to say

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A place to see who is the most ig-nert comedian.

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I am the thinnest and prettiest mofohere.
You fat Bastards

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Well, I guess this thread isn’t for me.

I have a MASSIVE number of abrasive and ignorant things to say.

I’m a journalist.

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Are we keeping it keto?

Or not necessarily

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Source: https://goo.gl/images/JQPhKi

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This explains pretty well why most people don’t get Aussie humour, so they all just think we’re being bastards and attacking them. Sarcasm, irony, etc, is not a universal language, and we excel at it.

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Emergency services humour can be pretty dark too.

My best story was one time another senior fire officer and I were tasked with removing the body of a dead drug dealer from his car. He had a trunk full of drugs and had assulted a woman in another town earlier in the day. He had sideswiped an 18 wheeler coming in the other direction, torn the side of his head off, and actually died of his aorta tearing off his heart we learned later. Anyway, he was dead right there as we say in the trade. Fire, police, ambulance, and coroner guys were all there and everyone knew the details, so not a lot of tears.

The recovery guys had a body bag on the backboard and my partner and I were sliding him out and onto the board and bag. Open femore break, head thing etc. Halfway out his cell phone starts ringing. We all shrug and finish the job. Back at the hall we discussed what we might have said if we answered it. I suggested:

He can’t come to the phone. He’s half in the bag.

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I think this is my new favorite thread.

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Fun with Photoshop: Or - why no one would hire me to come up with product names.

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Fun with apps!