If you could buy keto pizza (or just the crust) in the supermarket

(carl) #1

What would the BEST experience be?

  • frozen crusts that you thaw, top, and cook
  • chilled (refrigerated) crusts that you top and cook
  • complete frozen pizzas that you cook in the oven
  • other (please specify)

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Given the popularity of fat head / carl’s head pizza, I think this might be a good future business idea.


Actually I voted for frozen, but on reflection (yes I take my pizza very seriously :thinking::thinking::thinking:) I would probably prefer to buy a fresh product which I could freeze at home if I wanted to stock up.


I think Frozen is the way to go, but I’m not sure if I’d want just the crust or the whole pizza. I voted for just the crust because everyone likes something different on their pizza, but having a whole pizza you could just throw in the oven would be nice on nights or days where one is crunched for time.


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(betsy.rome) #5

I think the whole idea of frozen pizza is convenience, something you can just grab & bake. I used to get the Atkins frozen pizzas, but they’re too full of frankenfoods & carbs for me anymore.