(Bacon is the new bacon) #101

Nor do I. And my definition of “reheated” may be lacking, in other’s view. Often it merely involves taking the chill off.

Also, if you leave your meat extremely rare when you cook it, there is plenty of room for microwave missteps without severe damage to the reaheated experience, if you know what I mean.

(bulkbiker) #102

I have mine cold… yumster…

(KCKO, KCFO) #103

Yeah I always seem to add salt and just eat it cold. Love the stuff that way.

Isn’t it great we all eat it the way we like it :slight_smile:

(Doug) #104

Again, I’m looking for things that are always true, not just true on a case-by-case basis. Some people do fine and don’t get obese on diets we would consider stratospherically high in carbohydrates.

On just restricting calories to modify the body’s response - while there’s no question this is commonly a recipe for failure as far as losing weight once obese, if it prevents the body from losing homeostasis and proper hormonal regulation in the first place, then it can’t just be dismissed. As long as we’re not increasing our average insulin level, insulin resistance, fat in our livers and pancreases, etc., then vast numbers of the battles we recount on this forum are already won.

Well sure - in your case. And in mine, and it’s true among a great many people on this forum. Yet it’s not universal, at all. If we are talking about our cases, then of course I agree that “not every calorie is equal” – to the point that carbohydrates are having a harmful effect. No argument from me:

(IDM Educator) #105

I was Googling TRE to see what was said out there and the ketogenic forums came up, this thread specifically. I don’t know if I’ve already spoken in here or not, this thread is 3 months old, but I can tell you that I work with IDM. They are foremost in the world on fasting.

And your fiancé is absolutely correct.
Good on him!

(Alec) #106

Because this is called hyperinsulinemia, and we can’t spell it. :joy:

(Alec) #107

Nothing wrong with linguistic pedants… but it is a dangerous place to be (from personal experience). Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I am frequently amused by the threads in this forum that call out incorrect language use, but in the process make their own grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. [Now, did that need an Oxford comma? :joy::joy::joy:]

(Doug) #108

In my opinion, yes - it sounds better and is less susceptible to confusing meanings in some other such sentences.

(Justin Jordan) #109

You can give me (a Type II diabetic) a dose of exogenous insulin that would literally kill an entire family of normal people and I’ll be fine. Insulin resistance is as accurate as anything.

In the spirit of the thread - I mean literally when I say literally above.