IF fasting?


(Beth Anne Stevens) #1

I just started and there is too much info out there so I decided to wing it a bit. I did 16 hrs the first day, then 15hrs, 14hrs, 15hrs. Is 16 hrs THE # you have to fast or can you mix it up like I did? I want to do this right and also be able to east dinner with my family so I need to know how to plan things.

(TJ Borden) #2

Just started fasting or just started Keto?

(Allan L) #3

Mix it up. Eat when hungry, don’t eat when not. I used to eat 2 meals a day in a 6 hr window, now I eat once a day in a 1 hr window, this allows me to still be social with friends and family.

(Beth Anne Stevens) #4

Just started fasting. I try to keep my carbs down but I’m focusing on the fasting.

(TJ Borden) #5

I’d encourage you to explore the ketogenic diet before starting fasting. Fasting is very easy and beneficial when you’re fat adapted, and the ketogenic diet will get you to a fat adapted state.

Trying to fast when you’re not fat adapted can be difficult. I was “lower” carb prior to going keto, and was intermittent fasting. It was pretty easy to get into a 16:8 cycle, but very difficult for anything beyond that.

Unfortunately, since I wasn’t fat adapted, I was really just starving myself and screwing up my already deranged metabolism even more.

As @allan said, you want to mix it up. If you stay with a certain schedule, like 16:8 or 20:4 all the time, your system will just adjust and know when to expect food.

(Beth Anne Stevens) #6

Right now I’m using My Fitness Pal and I’m keeping track of my calories too. I have about 100lbs to loose and so I’m keeping my calories to under 1580 a day. There is much to the ketogenic diet and I really just want to keep things simple. I’m keeping my carbs to mostly fruit and homemade bread. I did cheat with some mint Girl Scout cookies. :wink: For fat I use cream in my coffee, avocado, nuts and hummus.

(TJ Borden) #7

So first, I’d say keep reading stuff here in the forum, and search for topics related to what you’re trying to do, which is basically classic calories in calories out (CICO) and you’ll see why the science just doesn’t support that tried and failed theory.

Also, since this is the ketogenic forum, remember that when you ask questions, most people will answer with the assumption you are on a ketogenic diet, and their advice may or may not apply to your situation.

Increasing fat isn’t going to help with anything is you’re still eating fruit, bread, for scout cookies, and hummus.

I tried what you’re trying; a “hybrid” low carb and CICO. It didn’t work for me, but the keto diet with the addition of fasting (once fat adapted) has. I started with over 200 lbs to lose and since November 2017, I’ve lost 55 lbs and my fasting blood glucose has dropped from diabetic levels to the hign end of normal and is still dropping.

If you’re concerned that the ketogenic diet is too restrictive, check out the “what did you keto” thread.


Coffee, avocado and nuts are the only keto foods in this statement. Unless the fruits are berries. Not apple, pineapples, pears, bananas, etc. This could you your issue. For a list of good foods you should be eating while trying to loss weight and keep up your nutritional needs, check out Marty Kendall’s site:

(Erin) #9

I just watched a pretty good youtube video by Thomas Delauer he suggests not fasting everyday because your body will get use to that many calories and stop requiring as many to run & that it’s better to fast 3-5 days. The info starts around the 6 min mark.

(Debbie) #10

I agree with baytovin. Now that I am fat adapter, hunger isn’t even an issue. I used to eat small amounts of low fat food 5-6 times a day because I thought that was the healthy thing to do! I am having trouble getting past 40 hours of fasting because my blood pressure drops too low and I feel unwell. I will gradually increase the time as long as it seems safe.