If eating before exercise please share what you eat

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How did this discussion get to MCT? Anyway, I consume 10 grams of MCT every morning in my ‘keto coffee’, so I think I have something useful to add. My reason for adding MCT to my coffee is that it hits the bloodstream quickly and is easily metabolized. So for me, it’s a short time/term energy source. Like 30 to 60 minutes. I also add other fats and proteins to my morning coffee that metabolize more slowly, like 60 to 120 minutes. Thus, the combo of MCT plus ghee/coconut oil/whipping cream gives me a steady stream of energy from about 1/2 hour to 3-4 hours.

PS: Buy and use a gram scale. Spoons, etc are meaningless measures.

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Hahaha yes mct oil … well it came to the discussion because I am struggling to find things to eat before going to CrossFit that will stay down lol. Got used to porridge but obviously cut that out on keto. The oil worked , I think, as I did have a good session yesterday just perhaps too much as I had only used it in teaspoonful quantitiesl before… I have some measuring spoons in cups and mls I think 1 ml = 1g I will check with google.