If eating before exercise please share what you eat

(Karen) #21

Yes I have been working out pre food and after fasting from last meal , day before which is usually a good 12/14 hours except last night when I couldn’t sleep so went and watched tv and had a chunk of cheddar … went back to bed half an hour later and managed to fall asleep for a while… cheese usually helps when I have this problem. My thoughts on eating beforehand are that I don’t think I could face anything greasy or heavy. I just finding out what works for others who do eat before working out.

(Roberta Worley) #22

Yeah, that wouldn’t be the case here. My Border Collie sets the pace and literally so. I have more energy after eating ‘those foods’ than I have ever had before. The workouts with my Border Collie are intense but not very long. I have a very untraditional ‘agility’ course that runs from our garage, through our laundry room, down the hallway and into the livingroom, sometimes around the diningroom table and into our 20’ x 30’ bedroom. Our home is a very nice rambler of 2200sq ft. And yes, we do allow our dog up onto our furniture given he’s a very well mannered dog 99 percent of the time.

If you’ve never tried herding sheep or doing a makeshift agility course, it’s quite the trick to keeping up with a dog!

(Roberta Worley) #23

It’s interesting to me that the dishes we consume come across as greasy or heavy. Just saying…

(Karen) #24

‘Keeping up with the dog…’ yes I can imagine it takes some doing. Love Border Collies. And if you want to let them on your furniture then that’s absolutely fine… my mum always had rescue dogs and they all had a place on the couches and her bed. They were her life. She is no longer in the physical world so no doubt she has reunitesd with her beloved animals… I hope so xx

(Karen) #25

Just finished off the cold roast leg of lamb, chomped on the bone too … can’t help myself lol and although I really love it it does leave a grease like film in my mouth. I worked out beforehand in fasted state … 100 stair runs followed by a 5k run with my daughter as she was challenged to do it for Breast Cancer Awareness. Lovely sunny morning but quite cold. Felt okay, a little slower pace than I would have run on my own but I was really just there to stop her feeling miserable … as she put it :slight_smile: we both had to dash off afterwards to feast!


That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

Do you ever have knee pain? I had to scale down my stairclimbing due to knee pain. Now, instead of running, I walk. Fast, but walking, to lessen impact.

I have some experience with high altitude and the problem isn’t the walking/running up as in low altitude, though. There’s less oxygen up in the mountains and the weather is often bad. Wind, snow. Also, usually at altitude your backpack is heavier.

I do ultralight multiday hikes and even being very thorough on my equipment, it can’t be less than 5 kg.

So, if you’re planning to really hike high mountains, train with a heavy pack.

(Karen) #27

Haha noooo not planning to actually climb mountains… virtually does it for me … never know when we are going to be in lockdown again lol… possibly this week for our area! I will just keep plodding up and down the stairs!

(Roberta Worley) #28

Oh Karen! You have my mouth salivating!

The best lamb I’ve ever had (I don’t favor lamb) was at a an East Indian restaurant of recent. We’ve eaten at East India Grill a number of times but when I started doing keto, I chose one of their specialties called Mixed Grill which included rack of Lamb, tandoori chicken, chicken Tikka and lamb kebab.

The rack of lamb (lamb chops) was by far the best of the dish. I’ve never been fond of tandoori chicken or chicken tikka. Next time I’ll just order the tandoori mixed grill.

The lamb chops were far from greasy. We bought an electric rotisserie for our Weber grill a number of years ago. But now I want to figure out if there’s a way to turn our Weber into a makeshift tandoori. It may be that I already have. Stay tuned…

Here’s what we have:

Our grill:

The rotisserie attachment:

I just watched a few videos on making tandoori lamb chops and this one is by far my favorite viewings.:

Next step: purchase a rack of lamb and get to tandooring (is that even a word)!

(Roberta Worley) #29

I must have misread the original post. My apologies. The recipes I listed weren’t necessarily for breakfast.

(Karen) #30

Well I love all of the foods you have mentioned. I hope the tandoorying goes well… the grill looks great. Tandoori is usually done in a special tandoori oven I believe. I never meant to infer that my lamb roast was greasy just that all meat leaves me with that kind of fat taste which I sort of associate with grease.

(Roberta Worley) #31

I’ve never been good at dealing with thinking inside the box. In my world, there’s never been a box which is probably why I’ve never been a fit within social society.

Although what you said is true about the tandoor oven being special, I am on a quest to see if I can replicate the idea without going to great lengths. I’m big into fabrication and cannabilizing things from one item to make another item more useful. Time will tell!

(Karen) #32

Well good luck with canibalising your grill … am sure you will do well with it.

I too am a bit of a misfit which is not always a bad thing. I live on my own and love it that way. I am looking forward to being an eccentric retiree in a couple of years time! YAY!


I do IF. I work out around 9 or 10 am and eat my first meal around 11 am. I am a 43 yo female and have always been fairly active. I teach about 8 yoga classes per week. 4 months ago I started doing cardio (I swim just about 3.5 miles a week). I was getting all day sluggishness and I felt depleted during my workouts. I changed 2 things and now feel more energized throughout the day, and my workouts are a breeze. 1) I added MCT oil to my tea and drink it on my way to the gym. 2) On my way home from the gym I drink collagen protein mixed in my water.
I think the MCT oil transformed my workouts, and I don’t I was consuming enough protein (I’m too lazy to track my macros). Women at least (maybe men too?) seem to need more protein as they age. I usually only eat low/moderate protein at lunch, so the collagen protein is boosting my intake, and helping my joints.
If the rich carnivore/keto food is making you sick before working out, maybe just some form of protein powder and MCT oil will help. To my taste the MCT oil is light, even though it’s 100% fat. Never makes me nauseous. I keep it under 15 grams.
Good luck rocking your workouts!

(Karen) #34

Maybe I will try some in the water I drink before going. I have mct in the cupboard as I was adding it to my salads through the summer before recently starting carnivore. How much are you adding to your tea? I can’t do tea after drinking my water and prior to going to crossfit cos I just need to wee constantly lol
I always try to get on the 10am class though sometimes due to numbers booking (due to covid numbers restriction) I miss the slot and have to do the 11am like this morning. Well, I could have cancelled and got in on 10am as someone out of the class cancelled but there was only one other booked on 11am and I thought it unfair to make them do it on their own so remained on that class only to find another guy booked at the last minute so there were 3 of us. Think everyone must have seen the wicked workout when it was published the night before and decided to give it a miss hahahaha I never look at it before sleep as I would just stress over it all night lol! I would love to do the swimming but after the first length I struggle with my neck as I have arthrosis at the top and base of my spine so to avoid having to keeping travelling to my wonderful osteomyologist who is the absolute best I just avoid swimming altogether. Did remedial yoga many years ago for my back before discovering the gym and all the core and back exercises and couldn’t afford both at the time. The gym enabled me to finally be able to manage the pain though my back man has done amazing stuff with it.and don’t suffer half as much these days … unless I am thinking about it like now and there it is at the top of my spine Doh!
I was about 44 when I started working out though always love exercise, aerobics and dance and at school gymnastics … never looked back since starting and intend to carry on into my 80s hahahaha xx


I add about 15 grams (or a little less, 13, 14). It’s about a tablespoon. You wouldn’t want to do more because too much can cause stomach upset. When I first started the MCT oil I thought if 1 TBSP is good, 2 must be better. Nope! Big mistake.

(Karen) #36

Forgot to try it this morning when I went to CrossFit. I did feel okay though and it was a very gassy workout and took skin off finger on the rig … hey ho can tell we’re back in the box… CrossFit injuries lol. I am going to try to remember on Monday, perhaps I should write a note to self?

(Karen) #37

I tried the mct oil this morning. Thought I would just go with 1x dessert spoon which is about 10g. I had it in a glass of water and it was okay. About 10 minutes later my stomach was feeling a bit iffy and I started belching like a good’un! Fortunately the adverse after effects didn’t start till i got home lol. I do think i did quite well in the workout as it was a real gassy one (the workout not my stomach lol) I think the mct oil worked but I think next time I will try half a dessert spoon. I have only taken quantities of around a teaspoon in my cooking or on salads. I was quite shocked at how quick it reacted in my tum!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #38

Start with a teaspoon. A dessert spoon is usually about tablespoon size, which is equivalent to three teaspoons.

(Karen) #39

Nooo a dessert spoon is about 0g a tablespoon is about 14g and a teaspoon 4g. In fact I have a couple of my late mums old silver tablespoons which are even bigger … maybe they are classed as serving spoons. Anyway I double checked with conversion table. However I have been used to a teaspoonful and I do realise the dessert may have been a bit too much hence was going to try half next time. Thank you … at least I know I have to reduce it for next time and fortunately no accidents this morning :slight_smile:

(Karen) #40

Meant to read a dessert spoon is about 10g not 0g lol