IF and Caloric Intake


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Hey Keto Peeps! Recently, the forum hive mind chastised me for eating too little (<1100 calories per day) as the reason for my lack of success. Message received and boosting to 1600 did seem to push me off the plateau, but it raises a new question…
When eating a 16/8 or 20/4 plan (limiting food to certain time spans every day), how does that impact calorie intake? Should I be jamming 1600 calories in during a 4 hour span or only a fraction of that? And if I eat 800 calories in that 4 hour span, doesn’t that just put me back into starvation mode? Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion. Hope the answers help other folks too.


This may be applicable to some extent:


Yup, this whole same conversation happened this morning! Richard gave a great explanation in that thread.

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Can you point me at the conversation you are referencing?


See the link that @avocadosrule posted in his/her comment above :slight_smile: