IF and "bodybuilding"

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Just a few thoughts:

  • Robert Sikes (KetoSavage.com) has his pro-card and he does OMAD when he is cutting

  • Have you tried extra salt around your workout? Might help your pump.

  • A lot of keto gym junkies like Ucan Superstarch for an extra ‘umph’ in the gym. Danny Vega talks a lot about it. https://www.generationucan.com/superstarch/

  • Do you need a different stimulus? For example, have you been sticking to the same exercises and/or same rep and set scheme and need to switch it up? If you are using a lot of machines, try dumbbells. Since you are just getting back into the gym, maybe this is not the case.

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Does losing weight too fast automatically equal muscle loss? I’ve made a few comments on this thread with my background and stats. I was stuck at the same weight for a few months. I added in IF two weeks ago, kept my calories and macros almost identically to what I was doing before with non IF and I’ve already lost 15-17lbs in the first two weeks on IF. I’m a heavy lifter and trying to maintain my muscle. Am I losing too fast?

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Usually a small amount is unavoidable no matter what, but slower will be better. Best ways to mitigate are getting plenty of protein and continuing to lift intensely.

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Yeah, you are right. When losing weight, muscles go away as well. If you wanna keep them and grow them bigger you should use protein or sarms additionally to your trainings. When I just kicked off in this field I was very skinny with almost nu muscle mass… When I started going to the gym I found a guy there who had become my guide, and he was the one that told me I should use SARMs to get better shape. Click here if you don’t know where to buy SARMs from or wanna know what they represent in general. But I tell you, you need them :slight_smile:

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I went on Keto after being diagnosed with a metabolic condition.

I went through the same issues for a year before I figured out that the Keto Diet Training requires some adjustments.

After making those adjustments, my training bounced back.

Keto Adapted Training

One of your issues might be that you are not Keto Adapted; you are still reliant on glucose, Glucose Dependent.

Another factor is…

The Energy System Factor

1) Phosphagen Energy System

This energy system is reliant on Phosphagen, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) rather than ketones or glucose.

Muscle ATP is expended in around 15 seconds and completely depleted in 30 seconds with high intensity training: Strength, Power, Speed, HIgh Intensity Interval Training

Muscle ATP Restoration

Research shows that within 15 seconds of rest, after an intensive exercise set, some ATP is restored.

Approximately, 50% of ATP is restored in 30 seconds.

Up to 79% of ATP is resorted with a 45 second rest, after an intensive exercise set.

Full restoration of APT occur with 3 minutes or longer of rest, after an intensive exercise set.

Thus, longer rest period after an intensive exercise set should help.

Glycolytic Energy System

Fairly high intensive sets that are 30 seconds to around 2 minutes require glycogen.

Keto Adapted individual usually do not perform well with fairly high intense exercise that fall within the 30 second to 2 minute area.

Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy Training

This type of training falls into the Glycolytic Energy System with 8 repetitions plus per set. Thus, Keto Adapted individual usually don’t perform well in the Glycogen Energy System.

With that said, one way of “Gaming The System” for Bodybuilding is…

Hypertrophy Cluster Set Training

Dr Jonathan Oliver research determined that lower repetition (2 - 5 per set) with short rest periods between sets (15 to 45 seconds) for multiple sets (4 - 8 sets), allowed lifter to increase muscle mass while increasing power and strength.

That providing that each repetition in each set was performed Explosively. Loads of around 85% or less of 1 Repetition Maxes were optimal.

The Downside of Hypertrophy Training

One of he downsides of Hypertrophy Training alone is that muscle mass is increased at the expense of strength and power.

Oliver’s research determined that Cluster Hypertrophy Set Training allowed athlete to increase muscle mass while increasing strength and power.

With in mind, Traditional Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy Training was more effective, with Custer Hypertrophy Set Training coming in a close second.

Oxidative Energy System

This falls into endurance type of training; low to moderate intensity for longer time periods. Research shows that most Keto Adapted individual do well in this energy system.

Post Workout Carbs

…are not necessary.

Restoration occurs in 24 hours regardless of your post workout meal.

Good Articles

1) A Comprehensive Guide to Bodybuilding on the Ketogenic Diet

2) Mythbusting: Training On a Keto Diet

Kenny Croxdale