Ideas for using Beef Bacon?

(back and doublin' down) #1

I bought this, now not sure what to do with it?

Beef Bacon, just the ends.


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(Jacquelyn Graham) #3

Cook it and keep it in your fridge to add to dishes for flavor or to snack on. I’d fry it up, myself, and just start experimenting.

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@Diygurl19 LOL…I guess that would be the obvious place to start!

I’d never heard of it, and realize I get kinda nervous about trying new things!

Fried up a few ounces beside my hamburger patty for lunch and it was DIVINE! I’ll be going back to that market to see about buying some actual strips as this package was just pieces and ends. Something tells me adding seasoning will make it even better!

(traci simpson) #5

Bacon makes EVERYTHING better!!!

(Brian) #6

We use it just like regular bacon. When we have company, we have beef bacon, pork bacon and turkey bacon. They’re all a little different. I’m actually rather fond of the taste of beef bacon. Bacon & eggs are good eats. I wanna try some bacon wrapped chicken thighs one of these days…