Ice therapy (Cold Immersion) and Brown Adipose Tissue Activation

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I’ve used ice packs with good success in the past but wanted to know what other people have experienced

The new mode of this is cryo-therapy (cold air instead of cold water)

And historically, different cultures have commonly used ice therapy

Even in the northeastern US (Coney Island Polar Bear Club).

SciShow made a video about it a few years ago and others have taken up the topic also

and some people even push the boundaries

It aligns with my general belief that physical stress can lead to improved immune response, better keto adaptation and overall longevity… I use sauna, UV, fasting, keto and lifting already… So I’m planning on digging more into this and become fat, strength, sun and hot+cold adapted… and thought I’d ask the community here for individual experiences or good resources?

For example, I am thinking of using swimming shoes and gloves in an ice (or cold) bath to reduce the pain in my extremities and focus the cold on my core.

Expectations… will it help my fasting cold extremities better than just my cold packs? Will it actually increase my BAT and help me get tighter abs and skin?

Concerns… will it counteract the muscle and strength gains from lifting and fasting?


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