I thought I was breezing into Carnivore

(James) #1

I’m not sure if I’m experiencing usual symptoms whilst transitioning into Carnivore, or if I coincidentally have caught a cold. I’ve been eating carnivore strictly for almost 8 days now. I thought I was breezing through the transition fairly easy due to the fact I was carb cycling prior and am no stranger to Keto and carb manipulation. Then all the sudden yesterday I started feeling like the flu train hit me. My energy went to nil, brain fog, stuffy and runny nose, and a little achy. I haven’t ran into the diarrhea part though that I’ve read is very common. Is it likely I’m just in the midst of the fat adaptation? How long does this usually last? Anything I can do to help myself along the way?

(Chris) #2

My transition from Keto to Carnivore was every bit as brutal as SAD to Keto.

(James) #3

I’m hoping my body will mimic my transition into Keto. It was years ago. I remember feeling like death for about 24-48 hours. Then it was almost like a light switch. I felt like a million bucks!

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #4

The cold is most likely coincidental. Once adapted you’ll likely find they don’t last as long / aren’t as severe. Personally, I used to have colds last 1 to 3 months. When I went carnivore they all but went away. I’ll get mild symptoms for a few days and that’s it. Actually this week I have one - a little phlegmier than usual and I did have swollen glands on Monday, but I can already feel it on its way out.

In order to keep your liquid shits to a minimum, avoid drinking anything an hour before or after (or during) eating meat.

(James) #5

Thank you for the information! Hopefully this is just some sort of mild head or sinus cold. I was feeling pretty darn good prior!


I have been eating carnivore for a short while too.
In the transition to carnivore from keto, I found it pretty straightforward (to my surprise).
Nothing changed for me, except shopping and cooking are easier. I didn’t experience any symptoms going carnivore and I don’t miss anything I thought I may.

I did have massive discomfort and brain fog when I first tried keto though: I had about two weeks as you describe you feel now.
I thought I had the flu. Main problem was couldn’t think straight!

Hope you feel better soon.

(Nicole) #7

You may need to increase sodium after dropping carbs further. It could be partially keto flu - aka electrolyte imbalance.