I See Fat People


Sue, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you’re saying here, particularly because you have a genuine desire to help everyone. The thing is, fat is fat and obesity is a disease. There’s no denying the elephant in the room. You are not calling out anyone personally, just making an observation with a caring attitude. It’s what prompted me to vlog and tell my story. And honestly, I do it in my own style and personality which truthfully may offend some people. But the bottom line is these things are not easy and sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves to help make the journey easier. Thanks for your post!

(Ellenor Malik (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #142

What I wish your friend knew: “You get hypoglycemia because your body is having an emergency reaction to hypERglycemia - high blood sugar - from all that sugar and starch you’re pounding yourself with. Next meal, have some meat, some eggs, some cheese if not allergic, a lemon wedge, a salad if you find that helps you with satiety, and not a whole lot else. Your body won’t have to go into an emergency reaction because your blood glucose will barely tack up. If it doesn’t work, you can go back to your carb loading.”

The glucose tablets are necessary if you use insulin or sulfonylureas. A mild insulin overdose on a Bernstein plan may need a gram of dextrose to bring up; a heavy (for Bernstein people; light for ‘normal’ insulin users) insulin overdose may need 4g of dextrose, or even an injection of glucagon if it’s gone and caused unconsciousness.

(Susan) #143

I found building up the hours for fasting helps, I did IF first, 18/6 or 20/4 windows, and some OMAD days (still do all that as my regular) and then added 1 24 hour fast a week, then increased to 1 48 hour a week, and just completed my first 73 hours. The next thing I am going to try is a 48 hour Fat Fast and see how that goes =).

(Dave) #144

I too feel the same. I see all these people loading their carts up with chips and soda and I want to say something. But I would rather they look in my cart and say. Why all the eggs and meat?

(Susan) #145

You cannot really say anything unless they comment on yours; which gives you an opportunity =).

(traci simpson) #146

That just doesn’t make me happy! lol 24 hours is about all I can do and that’s not on purpose, just busy on the weekends.

(Art ) #147

There’s than old internet meme of European girls and American girls sitting on a bench and the American girls are huge while the European girls look great. That meme is almost 20 years old now and it’s also no longer true. I was in 9 European countries this spring for about 8 weeks total and a lot of 2019 Europeans have the same shape as Americans. There are still some places where I think it would be very socially very difficult to be fat. Boulder Colorado, most of Southern California, Austin TX, maybe DC and NYC also come to mind.

(Bob M) #148

If you made it 73, you can easily make it 4.5 days or 7 days. The first two days (particularly the second day) are the hardest.

I’ve done probably 10 or so 4.5-5.5 day fasts. It would be no problem to go longer…but that would be through a weekend, which is hard if you have a family.

(Susan) #149

I definitely could if I lived by myself. The problem I have is making most of the meals for the other 5 people in the house, and my son coming over on Sunday’s for a proper family meal (he is 23 and skinnnnnny and mostly eating pizza’s, and guzzling beer so it is the only time he eats actual food).

I am doing the Thursday 5pm-Sunday 5pm atm, because I want to enjoy the Sunday Meal, I am going to make a nice Roast Beef, (complete with potatoes, vegetables for them and my own vegetables and I am going to try roasted radishes for the first time for myself with that meal and my own kind of gravy too).

Although, if I were to Fast on a Sunday night until Thursday I might be able to to that =), thanks! I think you are right though, I can do this, and I have to to get this weight off as well =).

(Bob M) #150

You speak the truth. My wife has the same issue, she makes a lot of meals for the kids. That’s tough.

I think the Dr. Fung patients who are eating a ton are single.

(Bob M) #151

Who are FASTING a ton…I hate phones.

(Susan) #152

I am doing a Fat Fast this time, so if it goes well, I plan on doing this again on Thursday-Sunday for the monthly third Thursday fasting =).

I am still drinking mostly water, but green tea and herbal teas, and Pink Himalyan Salt.
The additional Fat is going to come from Coconut Oil or my new MCT oil I bought tonight.
They are both from Costco, both sugar free, no sweeteners, etc and both have 0 carbs.
Dr. Jason Fung talked about this in a video I watched, and called it a Fat Fast.
If you check @David_Stilley’s thread he is doing one at the moment, although in a different way then I am doing. but he is having a lot of success with his, so both @BlueViolet and myself thought it would be fun to try as well, in the way we are doing, with just coconut product not the bacon fat, etc way he is doing.

I wanted to see if this would be more effective/less effective or the same as a 72 hour fast with only the water, green and herbal tea. I ate 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil directly today, 1 at a time, once around noon and then again before we went out grocery shopping at 5:30. I am going to have some in my green tea in the morning, then one around noon, and then at supper time, probably three times in a 24 hour period. I am doing my own little science experiment =). If I lose more, or the same as a water fast, I might keep doing that for fasts, as it is giving some calories, but they are providing energy and fat, and 0 carbs or sugars.

(PJ) #153

There is a movie kind of about that:

Where a mother whose child has terrible degree of epilepsy goes to the library and finds tons of papers from pubmed about it – and treating it with a keto diet. All the doctors basically are insulted that she, NOT A DOCTOR, would dare have an opinion about the topic.

Funny though: In the start of his book “Curing the Incurable,” Dr. Thomas Levy talked about that movie. He worked at a clinic with specialists specific to epilepsy and the TV movie had just shown on TV the night before and they were talking about it in the staff lounge. A young doctor was interested, but all the older doctors jumped his case about it. Then – not having watched it – they made exactly all the comments the docs in the movie had made! (Talk about predictable.) One said that someone had better have a mountain of peer reviewed evidence before he’d even consider looking at it, or something like that.

And I thought: medicine developed because smart, creative people with an interest in science and health, experimented to find solutions for people they loved or knew who were sick. This is behind a ton of how it developed. And yet here we have ‘technologists’, don’t say scientists or doctors, who instead of actually LOOKING for any solution to help desperate people even children, are recalcitrant about even hearing about it.

pubmed is on the internet now. You don’t have access to a lot of full papers without a library or certain subscriptions, but nearly anyone can see abstracts, and often find blogs now of doctors, specialists, even researchers, who will talk about the latest papers on a topic and break down the details for you and more. Today we have the best education options IN HISTORY possible FREE on the internet, it’s absolutely amazing.

I’m not saying ‘reading the internet’ is akin to medical school. I’m saying that if you want to solve a problem standard medicine is not helping you with, there may be legit experts and research online who are at least – if not more – legit or trained or experienced or specialized or more current in that topic than your doctor or a textbook, and there is no good reason not to at least give it a chance, if you have no other options and really do want a solution.

In the case of the movie story it was life or death.

And as Dr. Levy said – it took him THREE SECONDS on pubmed to find TONS of research SPECIFIC to the subject of diet and epilepsy – some even within the prior three months in journals specific to that topic!!!

So it was really a matter of the doctors ‘specialists’ not even being educated about the current state of things in their own field. So mocking someone because “they read it (in the library / on the internet” is ridiculous. Maybe THEY should read the (library/internet) themselves.

And for every doctor who says “It must be like X” because they were taught that in medical school, now there are plenty of doctors, specialists, researchers, online who say the opposite – so there is no longer reason to put doctors in the priest category where their word cannot be questioned.


PS I worked for a major university-level textbook mfr for 14 years. I am here to tell you that the health/nutrition textbooks that future doctors, nurses, nutritionists, study, are an absolute travesty of bad science and politically correct bullshit, and that is EVEN RIGHT NOW where many (from nearly all the corps) will say that low-carb is a fad diet, that eggs and saturated fat are horrible for you, that you just cannot be healthy without grains, that supplements are just expensive urine, and – oh my fave – one that suggested if you wanted a supplement just drink energy drinks like Red Bull. (!!!) It’s not bad enough that current medical professionals are DIS-educated – but we are still right this moment doing it to people who will BE the next gen of medical professionals in 3-10 years. My own doctor is against low-carb and fats, considers herself a nutrition expert, and yet is agog that my blood numbers are so good and my weight loss so large and ongoing. I’ve learned to have a sense of humor about it.

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #154

I know this is an old thread, but still very pertinent.

In many ways, food addiction is exactly the same as alcohol, or drug addiction. And yes, it’s really sad, as just with alcohol and drugs, their are a lot of “really good people” who just suffer, until often, they die a miserable death :frowning: And if one of these people is a friend or family member, it’s super tough to watch :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I think the best we can do, is be their for them as a voice of encouragement. Try to subtly influence them, without coming off like “your telling them what to do”. I told my best long time friend about Keto, and when I was done, I ended it with, "I’m not telling you this is what you should do, but I am absolutely recommending that you do some serious research on this yourself ! …and if you are not sure about any of it, just ask me. If I’m not sure,. Ill help you research the answer.

(Susan) #155

Invite him to come and stay at your place for a weekend; Chris, and ask your darling girlfriend very nicely, to make her awesome pizza, and burger buns (you barbecue them) and make him steaks,etc, all Keto delicious foods, and maybe you can win him over!

(traci simpson) #156

It’s not that easy because NON keto folks see all the fat and freak the heck out. I made corn dogs one day and my co-worker asked what I fried them in and I said LARD and he was about to loose his mind and I told him “don’t say a word about what I eat and I won’t say a word about what you eat” If they are not ready to think outside the box and stop believing what they’ve been told, then they won’t change.

(Scott) #157

I am waiting for someone to watch me make breakfast one day. I fry up sausage and bacon, leave the grease in the pan, add butter cuz it ain’t enough fat, pour in the eggs beat with heavy whipping cream and add cheese. I am sure they will say that I am killing myself as they heat up a pop tart.

(Edith) #158

As was mentioned on a Two Keto Dudes podcast. No one cares if they see you eating a pop tart and drinking soda, but they freak out if you put butter on a steak.

(traci simpson) #159

Or eating a chicken thigh fried in lard.

(Katie) #160

I have wanted to make little handouts like business cards with one or two resources on one side, and a little statement about it being simple to be healthier.