I See Fat People

(Wendy) #121

Now your meddling! :joy:


They also eat crap because they could really be full but starving

(Jacqueline Porter) #123

How about “people don’t change when they see the light - they change when they feel the heat”!

(Jacqueline Porter) #124

The thing about smoking and drinking is that the information is all out there. It is an informed choice.
With diet the information is hidden behind a smoke screen. That’s why we want to tell people - because they don’t bloody know! And that is shocking. :worried:


Funny this post should come up. I noticed this Sunday and it was depressing. We went to Red Lobster for dinner. Everyone looked unhealthy. It was a strange sensation to have that visual epiphany about the American diet served up to me with cheddar biscuits. I think seeing that was part of the reason why, even though I was mentally willing to let myself go off-plan for one meal for Mother’s Day, I stuck to just crab legs and salad.

(Well … I had a tiny bite of a biscuit and you know what? It did nothing for me.)

(Jacqueline Porter) #126

I work as a Nurse Practioner at night . I give clinical support to staff on 10 wards. In the past I would literally eat myself around the wards! A chocolate here, a biscuit there, all left by grateful patients. The staff continue to bring in family sized bags of crisps and send out for pizza and fried chicken!
For the past 13months I haven’t touched a crumb! But I watch the continual mindless snacking all night long. There is a long held belief among Drs and Nurses that you need sugar to survive a night shift! I used to buy into that and I would get more and more tired as the night went on. I look around me at work and I see fat people and TOFIs everywhere.
People have noticed a marked change in me over the past year, in terms of my weight, appearance (“are you in love” I was asked), and energy levels Many have asked me what I am doing. In the beginning I would tell them - Keto- they needed to know! A revelation, I thought I could change the world! Now I just say “I changed my diet and I’ve never felt better”! If they push I say that I cut out sugar and starches and generally leave it at that!

(traci simpson) #127

Exactly. My Mom for example always say to me and my sister, “I’m not giving up stuff I like” We tell her that it’s a choice not a sacrifice or the feeling of “giving up stuff” She also says that at her age 80 she can eat what she wants.

(traci simpson) #128

Ditto. My sister who counts every single calorie and feels like she has to mention it to everybody in ear shot, will not even try keto because she likes her carbs. I’m done trying to help her see that she could loose her loose skin (she lost over the years about 80 pounds) if she went keto. She says there is no way without surgery she could loose it. Not sure I believe that.

(Edith) #129

It always amazes me how people are so unwilling to try diet to solve health problems. It makes so much sense that what we eat has a huge impact on our health, but people just don’t want to see that.

(Jacqueline Porter) #130

I largely agree, but I also feel in many, if not most, cases people believe they are doing just that.
Who of us hasn’t eaten less, cut out the fat, (saturated in particular), ramped up the wholegrains and pulses and cut out meat in an attempt to be healthy. Just because that is what we were told to do for so many years. I know I have. I have always blamed my failure on myself, and feel quite angry about the misinformation.
Who, (now be honest), hasn’t looked at an obese person eating a salad and drinking a diet coke and assumed that they must be eating their ‘calories’ in secret. I know I have, and I’m sure I have been similarly judged in the past.
I am still a work in progress, and I can only imagine what people are thinking when I am eating belly pork and asking for butter for my vegetables!
I find I don’t judge people in quite the same way as I did in the past.


Does a keto diet help with saggy skin? I have not heard this. I fear if I keep doing well with this that I will have droopy skin issues and no recourse.

(traci simpson) #132

I read in a Dr. Berry you tube video that it does. If you fast it kills off the bad cells and adds new ones or something like that. I forgot what that process is called.

(John) #133

Autophagy. During fasting, your body breaks down old, unneeded cells and recycles the proteins. This can supposedly help with reduction of loose skin over time, but is a slow process.


There’s at least one thread on here about loose skin, and many keto folks drop lots of weight with minimal sagging. It depends on age and a zillion other factors, but there’s good reason to be optimistic on this front :slight_smile:


Thank you all. Off to read more. (So much info to still learn!)

(Tania M) #136

I wish I knew how to add a picture. I never noticed all the fat people I work with until I started keto. I see them everywhere now.

Even people who commented on my weight loss aren’t interested in going keto. One even said “I can’t quit sugar because I’m hypo-glycemic”. ugh.

On Thursday, six of sitting at a table for lunch, discussion went to a guy who was rcently hospitalized for something and discovered severe diabetes, totally changed his life, quit drinking, exercising, but that he needs to carry snacks with his for his blood sugar. Four people piped up about glucose tablets you can buy at the pharmacy. Make me sad and frustrated, but I keep my opinions to myself. They know where to get the info if they want it.

(Monique) #137

I have done diddly squat fasting, and no exercise, and my skin is much firmer and bouncier than when I’ve lost weight through caloric restriction and daily work outs.

So my n=1 says yes, it’s definitely possible. I’m reasonably certain that fasting and autophagy would provide even more benefit :blush:

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #138

It sure does. The process is called autophagy. I was fortunate to lose my fat slowly enough for my skin to shrink along with my belly.

BTW, once you have become fat-adapted, consider the occasional fast, which really helps stimulate autophagy. Dr. Fung claims he’s never needed to send a patient to plastic surgery, no matter how much fat they lost. He has, in fact, pictures of a guy on his Web site, who lost a ton of fat, had a bunch of loose skin, and was able to tighten it all up by fasting. It’s phenomenal.

ETA: Autophagy is not a swift process, so be prepared to give it some time. But it does work. As I was losing my fat, I could see the skin loosening with each loss, and then tightening back up again.


I usually fast from evening to lunch the next day. (I have never been a breakfast person, so this isn’t anything new.) I have been reading a lot of posts here about fasting and I am thinking about trying something longer. I have to say, though, I am not sure how people go multiple days. Even though I have been doing this four and a half months, I don’t think that would work for me yet.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #140

Everyone agrees that fasting is a lot easier after fat-adaptation, so you are wise to wait.

I used to have metabolic problems that prevented me from fasting. They have since healed, but a serious mental block remains that prevents me from intentionally fasting. Like you, however, I am fine skipping breakfast, and I suspect I’ll eventually find myself lured into longer-term fasting.

So let it come naturally. If you enjoy fasting, by all means give it a try; otherwise, don’t worry about it.