I See Fat People


Very sorry to hear about your loss. Focus on healing and do not worry about the stall. It will work itself out. If you want to drink alcohol (assuming you have no issues with it other than diet), I would suggest red wine, champagne and unflavored distilled alcohol (unflavored rum, vodka, scotch) plain or with either soda water (not my favorite) or ice and squeezes of lime or lemon. I drink this with vodka whenever I go to a party (which is not very). While it may still stall you, it is unlikely to derail the diet completely

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I went to Vegas not long ago. I was expecting fat people, but I was really surprised by all the thin people with big middles. Even people in their teens and 20s. That is a health care disaster in the making.

I was also surprised by how many people use CPAP machines. DH recently started using one, so I recognized the cases while we were lined up waiting to check in and out.


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Condolences for your loss, Sue.

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I remember years ago that health people on the edge, said the outer isles were the only place to go in the grocery store for healthy food i did not believe, and after looking at Dr. Berg and others on the internet; you tube, they were all right. I see the illusion and feel little unhappy to shop nowadays no selection. I see a future of amazon online shopping will take over because Keto, lchf ships fast and what you want. I’m a dad, and learning to cook and it may be better because I only now how to look coffee, egg, bacon, sausage, spaghetti bad way, and now have no bad habits to break with Keto. But I am a Lone ranger the family is not on board yet and the college campus is the worst place to see Keto… I was living on veianna sausages and sardines that I love. a plus, I eat less w/(IF) I have more money for flowers for the wife…

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I did low carb (without the high fat) about 10 years ago, and got my body fat percentage down to about 15%. I was taking a gym class at the community college and the instructor asked me how I managed to have this kind of percentage when all the young people around me were three or four times that. I said “I limit my carbs” and his eyes just went dead, as if I’d just suggested everyone should purchase a hyperbaric chamber or go to Canyon Ranch for a month. I thought it was weird then and I still think it’s weird. You ask, I tell you, you decide it’s not relevant because … because why?

I also suggested to a friend who asked that she should try low carb (atkins, at the time) just for three days and see how she felt. I mean really, how hard would that be? Her reaction was, again, bizarre to me. “Oh, I just don’t think I could do that.” Really? You can’t control what you eat for Three Days?

I sometimes wonder if this all comes down to two types of people. N=1, and “only if the authority tells me to.”

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I agree, but if you’d suggested even low carb to me this time last year I’d have laughed at you 'cos carbs are essential right??? Before my p2td and Dr strongly urging keto I was being “healthy” and carbs made up at least 80% of every meal.


I have this problem with my severely sick T2 friend. It is probably too late in her case.

I do believe that most people need to have an ahah moment and without it they will not give up ______________ (insert high carb treat). As I have previously mentioned I have an aquaintance that I mainly see in the summer. Two years ago she went on a pro low everything diet and lost half her body weight. She was talking about the diet at a time where I was heavier than normal. I was not interested and could not imagine following it even if it was the answer to all my problems! Then last year after I was losing on keto I did not even try to explain that you do not need to be both low carb and low fat. The point is that often even when people are told this is a solution, until they are ready to hear it, they do not want to hear it. I had no interest in her clinic diet because it simply did not appeal to me. I will see her again sometime soon, curious as to what diet she is currently on


This is so true, and was true for me as well. I feel like acceptance of this reality comes in stages. A friend of mine that knows about keto from me but thought it sounded unhealthy has now heard about it from her sister too and decided to read about it. I think people rarely accept it the first time they hear about it.

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I know, there’s soo much conflicting info and what we’ve all been taught forever is so opposite of what keto is about. But it still amazed me, that people actually saw proof in front of their own eyes and asked me “how did you do this” and when I told them … well I don’t know if they didn’t believe me, or they just decided considering what I said was too much work - or too scary, but it took a long time to get to a point where I could just shrug and say take it or leave it.

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Another way of putting it: “Until they are ready, you can’t say the right thing; once they’re ready, you can’t say the wrong thing!” :bacon:

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What’s that saying? You can lead a man to bacon but you can’t make him eat it?:slightly_smiling_face:

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And an avocado in the hand is worth two in the bush! :avocado:

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Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched! :smile:


The same is true of smokers as well. Except the eating thing is harder and we are bombarded with food ads, images and smells 24/7

The same is true of smokers as well. Except the eating thing is harder and we are bombarded with food ads, images and smells 24/7

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Thank you for sharing! A coworker came back from a vacation mortified that she barely fit on a roller coaster and was so embarrassed she didn’t try riding anything else the rest of her day. She’s watching me, she asks about my meals. Like you, I really want her to embrace this WOE and be happier.

Going to take a cue from your neighbor and be that quiet example of keto.

Congratulations on your keto journey! KCKO!

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I watched Dr. Attia’s TED. Talk. I have frequently, as a thin adult, fallen into that mode thinking that gluttony and sloth were at the bottom of the fat person’s weight gain. Actually it is true for me. I ate too much sugar and starches. Chocolate and chips. And it is true that I despise exercise. So I own my weight gain. My personal experience made me think that fat people, like me, ate poorly and sat on their behinds. I suspect that’s true for some, but not others. Yes, some are insulin resistant, but some , LIKE ME, made poor choices. In the end, we don’t know the cause of their fatness, so no room to judge.


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Congratulations on being able to ride the roller coasters!

While I hadn’t had the experience of not fitting into a seat, I had allowed my weight gain to be an excuse for doing a lot of watching and sitting, even though I loved roller coasters. Now that I’ve lost 47lbs, I feel as energetic as I was 30 yrs ago.

Just last month, I went to Knott’s Berry Farm with extended family and rode all the exciting rides (and the best one twice) and had so much fun! Most of the other adults did not partake. I did take the precaution of a motion sickness pill before we left, so that aided my confidence.

As for what to say to all the fat people we see. I liken it to the days when smoking was just being identified as a bad thing, all the while there were doctors in advertisements recommending certain brands over others. The smoker enjoys his habit and disbelieves that it’s harmful until it affects him. I mention that when I explain how I lost my fat, that we were all taught wrong, that it wasn’t our fault, and that once they get off the “sugar drip” (I love that) they will see food differently and become healthier.

There’s a saying: “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail” I preface with that before I share with a friend who may be experiencing issues that may be diet related. I don’t want to claim it’s the “be all, end all”, but dang, Keto is close!

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I appreciate what you’re saying. It brings to mind two family members…

Family member #1 is obese. He works in construction and works quite hard physically. Despite having quite a lot of fat on him, he’s quite muscular and can work with the best of 'em. But pushing into the 30’s, he’s seeing things like sleep apnea show up, blood sugars rising and the weight becoming more prominent, especially on the belly. He would do well to think about keto and that might actually be a decent fit for him considering his current eating habits as just some small changes could mean a lot for him.

Family member #2 really does sit on her butt all day long. She has an office job and she’s good at what she does. But after 3 kids and continuing to eat the SAD, she’s way into obesity, has digestive troubles, is on multiple meds, has a lot of stress in her life and I think would also do very well on keto if she would give it a try. She sees my wife and myself and she’s watching. She just hasn’t decided to give it a try for herself. I hope she does before she has health complications that the meds won’t be able to compensate for.

People are different. Personalities, general desires to do stuff of a physical nature, natural eating tendencies, stuff like that. I kinda think a lot of people go on “auto-pilot” and never really give significant thought to what they’re eating and it’s effects upon the physiology. Life can be kind of a messy package and to at least some extent, every person is their own N=1. Some really pay attention to their own N=1 while others go to some pretty great lengths to avoid seeing it. I’m thankful that I finally came around to having a hard look at my own situation and decided to take a path less traveled.


They absolutely do! No question about it. Sure there are some percentage of fat bikers and so on but for the most part the people riding around on scooters are that way because they eat too much crap. Yet no one outside of the keto understands why this happens.

They eat the crap because they are addicted.

They eat crap because it provokes an insulin response.

They eat crap because their gut bacteria demand it and this creates cravings.

They eat crap because they have never been told to eat any other way.

They eat crap because they are told to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks so they never get out of control hunger

They eat crap because they are told to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks so their blood sugar does not crash (even as their insulin spikes and never returns to baseline).

They eat crap because they are never hungry so they never experience satiety and
cannot trust their own hormonal signals

They eat crap because they are never hungry so they never experience satiety and become leptin resistant

They eat crap because they are told to eat 6 -11 servings of grain a day of which half are refined grains because those are enriched with artificially created vitamins and without them many may become deficient.

They eat crap because they are told to eat 6 -11 servings of grain a day of which triggers more hunger which they cannot control

They eat crap because they are told diet and exercise are about will power, but they are not about will power, whether you are a size 6 or size 24.

They eat crap because their doctors do not believe nutrition and food composition is important

They eat crap because their doctors have no training in the importance of nutrition and tend to dismiss anyone who says otherwise

They eat crap and are too tired and overweight to exercise and you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet

Yes they eat crap but it is almost irresistible it is natural for us to want sugar, coming from times when it was not readily available. Bottom line this has nothing to do with will power or values yet everyone, family, doctors and media love to blame and discriminate against the victim just as Dr. Attia did before he realized he could not control his own weight while developing IR through his choices

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