I See Fat People

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At AA meetings, there are always cookies.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #82

And twenty-five years later, I’m finally beginning to lose some of the weight I put on in early sobriety, lol! (I never met a cookie I didn’t like, even those God-awful chocolate chips that tasted like cardboard . . . )


I must admit I did some fruit juices early on in sobriety. Now I am content with selzer water with a lemon or lime wedge.

(Liz ) #84

I have always thought about the alcohol/sugar connection because my maternal grandparents were alcoholics. My mom abstains because she realized in midlife she was susceptible. Here I am third generation, albeit mixed with my dad’s genes (no alcoholism in his family) and I don’t exhibit any signs of alcohol addiction but I suffer from sugar/carb addiction like nobody’s business. And I’ve been an intense carb addict for my whole life as far back as I can remember. I’ve always thought it must be the same disregulation but in a different format.

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Chips Ahoy ?

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For some reason, when I looked at that bag my mouth just went completely dry. I guess that’s when you know you’re a ketoer! :smile:

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@VLC.MD Not even that good.

@JustPeachy You know, it doesn’t look all that attractive to me, either, thank keto!


I could eat!

I miss the soft cookies from BJs. Yum

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I see fat people everywhere… I pity them. They are afflicted and being led by pied pipers to an unhealthy lifestyle and early death. I recognize there’s really nothing I can do to stop it. To people who are friends or family I’ll Introduce the topic, see where it goes then let it go if they aren’t interested in picking it up. I have no desire to try to “push a rope”. Unfortunately there’s people I know who will have severe adverse health outcomes. Ultimately it’s their life and death. They choose and I can not force them to change. :frowning:

(Daryl G Jackson ) #90

My fiance and I live in Chattanooga, we are truck drivers and we have visited many of the top 10 coaster parks. Neither of us are as vertically challenged as you are :slight_smile:, I am 5’9" and about 190 pounds with a goal of 165 pounds, my fiance is 5’7" tall and 185 pounds with a goal to reach 140 pounds. I started a little over 2 weeks ago, 12/5/2017 at 205 pounds. My fiance started last Tuesday, today is 12/22 and she said she feels better on this diet. We have been to Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, both Universal parks (best one in California), Busch Gardens, Kings Island, Carowinds, Six Flags over Georgia, Knotts Berry Farm and a few others, we look forward to returning to some and getting to Six Flags in New Jersey for Kingda Ka, and Hershey Park. We love coasters! I know you will get to ride next year because you can meet your goals because keto is AWESOME! Happy trails and Keto On with your keto life!

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I have to admit my son works at Disney world, and they have some respectable attractions for adults. The Rockin’ Aerosmith coaster to mention for sure. We had a great time there with my son as a guide, lol. I see obese people everywhere also, I think a business card would work with a few phrases and the 2ketodudes or other keto legend website or podcast address on the card. Spread the keto life, it’s becoming increasingly popular.


I think Disney is the fattest place on Earth. Not sure if I wrote this previously so apologies if I am repeating myself.

Almost 18 years ago when I was about an 18W -20W in clothing we first visited an upscale resort in south Florida where everyone was fit and trim and I literally felt like the fattest person there except for one person whose husband was the chef. Everyone else could afford personal trainers and the like (family was treating us to the stay). Then we took the oldest kid to Disney and it was a complete turnaround. There were all these huge people on scooters. While I am sure some of them had unrelated medical conditions that required the scooter I cannot believe it was that many. I had never seen so many overweight people eating the turkey legs in my life. While I realize turkey legs were not the worst thing they could eat, it was such an image. I felt positively svelte by comparison


Nah, visit any Walmart in South Carolina. :frowning_face:
I have been overweight but never really obese but every day I see so many people just waddling around and most of them would look at you like you’re a blithering idiot if you told them to put down the damn bread and soda and eat bacon and butter.

I was telling my kids recently that when I was a boy not that many kids were fat. Now, just visiting a school sooo many of the kids are obese. To make matters worse the teachers hand out candy all the time!


I think that is regional. My Walmart is not as remarkable as Disney was. Sure you have some but no one needs a scooter unless they are elderly or something is broken or pregnant.

Interestingly, my kids school is not like that. Yes they hand out candy but my son who is 13 has the highest BMI in his grade and probably either of the grades on either side of his (small school). He is heavy but not horrible by today’s standards 5’2 154


I guess it just saddens me to see it. I think it’s still blamed on “Southern” food but when I was growing up we lived on fried chicken. No, it’s the bread and the sweets while the chicken and bacon get blamed.

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I see skinny people in fat people’s bodies.

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I know this is an old thread. But I seriously tell myself to stop arguing in my head as I try to sleep. I’m going over and over in my head about different arguments. It’s crazy.


I can relate to that! I had a few embarrassing moments when the ride attendants couldn’t get the thing to close on me and I had to be asked to leave the ride. I’m pretty sure I could fit into any ride now that I’m 70 pounds lighter.

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Well. It’s been 6 months since I started this thread…and oh what I’ve learned since then. About one month after writing that post I hit a plateau; which didn’t concern me too much initially, happens to most everyone. But after a couple more months (and some “Blue Apron Blues”, another thread I started – stopped that subscription finally, thank goodness) started carbing it up just a little too much. By Thanksgiving was back on track, did quite well that holiday and all up through New Year’s Day so started thinking “I got this!” once again. But the past 8 weeks have been an emotional roller coaster; my mother was put on hospice the second week of January after a decline and then she rapidly went downhill from there. She died 2 weeks ago today. Cue the emotional eating and some alcoholic drinks that were not a part of my keto plan at all; had a gain of 5 pounds and just overall feel bloated, I guess from too many carbs. Missing my regular exercise routine for 2 weeks hasn’t helped either, but plan to get started back today, getting ready to head for the gym.

So I’m guessing that roller coaster goal won’t be met by the end of the month, and trying not to get discouraged by that…keep thinking what would I tell someone else and that helps. Seems we often tend to be harder on ourselves than others, more understanding of their situations somehow. This forum was so helpful the first few weeks that I started keto and I slipped away from checking it daily, that was probably a part of my downfall since there is so much help to be had here. Also WAY behind on the podcasts, so listening to them should help me reboot my thinking. Thanks for “listening” I actually feel better just venting all that. KCKO


Speaking of fat people, I saw a pic of my self before doing keto and I looked swollen. Like a bee stung me and I puffed up or something.