I need a little shove in the right direction

(Elizabeth ) #1

Don’t laugh too hard. I have developed what seems like a silly fear, but it also feels real.

I don’t want to work out because I don’t want to get hungrier and want to eat more!

My current exercise is pretty much just a ton of walking (city life + being a teacher) and archery.

Please help me kick this fear! I feel like I should be at the gym more…but I’m worried about just getting hungrier.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #2

Something seems missing here. Why do you fear getting hungrier and wanting to eat more if you exercise in a gym? Conversely, there’s nothing wrong with a ton of walking.

(Alec) #3

I think your fear is valid. Doing more exercise is absolutely not necessary on keto. If your goal is weight loss, don’t exercise more than you feel really comfortable with. Exercise does lead to increased hunger.

If you want to exercise more for the other health benefits, then go ahead and do that.

(Elizabeth ) #4

Honestly, I feel like I’ve just gotten my eating under control and I’m afraid of losing control again. I LOVE having so much time when I’m not interested in eating.

(bulkbiker) #5

Gyms are in no way essential when following keto…
After about 18 months I got a huge burst of energy so joined a gym …went for about 3 months then got bored… finally cancelled the membership 18 months later… lesson learned… (only join on a monthly rolling subscription or it gets very expensive). Weight loss has maintained and even increased a little (lost more pounds) with no working out at all .
Also I get the reward problem… “Oh I’ve worked out so I deserve a treat”… was a gym member for almost all the years I gained the 120 pounds I have now lost… crazy times!

(Dawn Michelle) #6

I had the same fear of hunger thing. Not just related to working out, but everything. It’s real. Dr. Jason Fung says that hunger comes in waves, it doesn’t just increase over time. If you feel hunger, just ride the wave. It really does go away.

I used to be obsessed with my pre- and post-exercise snacks. It took some time and courage, but I’ve dropped the snacks completely. Now I go to the gym after a cup of black coffee. I take a water bottle with salt. That’s all I need.

You can do this!


Yep, this is me…walk fo 30 mins and eat 300g peanuts :crazy_face:

(Carl Keller) #8

On the other hand, working out permits you to eat more without consequence. That is, if you feed that increased hunger with real LCHF food. Exercise can improve your body’s insulin response, chisel your physique and grant you a greater sense of well-being. Having to eat more delicious steak and bacon isn’t a punishment; it’s a reward. :smiley:


I’m going out on a limb here and speculate that the lowered insulin during exercise allows access to bodyfat in addition to what you could use while sedentary. That’s to say, your body is supplementing itself with additional energy during exercise, which is why it’s possible to exercise during fasting. So… maybe there won’t even be an increased hunger from exercise, especially the type of exercise that increases ketones.


This seems to be more of an issue with cardio than with resistance training (though of course it varies - we’re all different!).

What are your goals with exercise?

(Scott) #11

I just got home from a four mile run and a gym workout on the way. I also plan on fasting till lunch. So its doable. I don’t think a gym is required. You can do some planks or body resistance exercise if you like or not. Just keep to your keto WOE and you will be fine.

(Robert C) #12

Knowing you have this fear is what is important. It means you can monitor it - and ask yourself “Am I REALLY hungry now or sort of rewarding an effort?” - that sort of thing.

But! I wouldn’t let just this fear be the single-one-and-only deciding factor for whether you take on a moderate exercise program or not. How does everything else fit with your life? Assuming you start a low-cardio and moderate resistance training program (i.e. intentionally avoiding hormonal problems that can come from overexercising)…

  • It will take extra time
  • You will probably get more toned
  • Your hormones will change to accommodate the new stress
  • It will probably improve your sleep (this might be big for some people that have trouble sleeping but follow the “exercise is unnecessary on Keto” line of thinking)
  • It is more natural - our ancestors had to do everything without cars or Amazon Prime etc.
  • You might have to decide to not do something else (the real “win” here is if that “something else” is actually a negative like excessive internet surfing)
  • You might feel better every day (better balance, better mobility etc.)
  • A 10-mile hike invitation might go from “no” to “yes” or at least become much more bearable
  • If you are depending on caffeine to get through your day, a good morning workout will probably reduce that dependance


100% Insanity. That’s EXACTLY what you need to happen, it’s a sign your metabolism is speeding up and that gives you a huge amount of advantages. You don’t want to eat more because your brain has attached that thought to fat gain, throw that out the window and who doesn’t like eating?

If you’ve been doing that for a while, I wouldn’t count it as exercise, like at all! Our bodies adapt to what we do VERY quickly which is why people that go to the gym, yet do nothing but cardio run into a wall progress wise. You can’t always do the same thing and keep getting results. Get into the gym, make it fun and you’ll never look back. Key to making fun is NOT turning yourself into some human hamster running on a wheel all day. Cardio’s great…for cardiovascular health, and everybody should do it but make that the smaller part. Resistance training gives you far more benefits and it’s much easier to change up and keep things interesting.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #14

This kind of non exercise activity is a big contributor to overall energy expenditure which is awesome but if you have extra energy to burn then I’d recommend resistance training. If you’ve never really done it before you should see some pretty impressive results and FWIW I don’t find it increases my hunger to any large degree - certainly not in the same way that cardio can.

(Full Metal Keto) #15

True for the fat adapted. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Karim Wassef) #16

So why do you want to exercise more?

(Elizabeth ) #17

I hadn’t actually been thinking much about fitness goals or benefits, TBH. But this is great!

I might test out some different exercises and see what they do to my hunger.

I really appreciate all your responses. They made me think quite a bit. This forum is so great! :heart_eyes:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #18

Sorry, hate to be a kill joy here - but a few years ago I started doing Zumba an hour a day. Holy Cow. Twenty pounds later.

(Elizabeth ) #19

I’ve started experimenting with some different things - I did a bodyweight workout down by the river on Monday and on Tuesday I walked to the gym for a swim (2.8 km walk each way). I actually enjoyed getting out and moving. No increased hunger yet!

I’m also realizing I need to work on my fear of hunger and food. :laughing::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow: