I missed the memo. When did "losing" become "loosing"?

(Bacon is the new bacon) #61

No, no, no! She’s a free editor of lances, not an editor of free lances. :grin:

(Alec) #62

So she edits lances for free? I’ll go buy a lance and send it through for editing.

(Chris Wolfgram) #63

I use to spend a lot of time on fishing forums, and guys always talked about fishing for Strippers :grinning: Hey, now that sounds like fun ! :rofl: Lol

But the whole loose lose thing, yea. I see that constantly. It’s weird to me as I think I figured that out about 45 years ago.

(Kirk Wolak) #64

Well, “I kinda agree with you”… ROTFLMAO…

I use kinda. It’s wrong. But it sounds right when I speak it/read it in my head.

I am afraid the auto-correct system will become so good, we wont actually have to type anything but a couple of words: agree. atkins. failed. allergies. And then Grammarly will kick in and rewrite your story with your history, appropriate to the forums you are posting in and your privacy setting. Whereas, in an email to your doctor, it will give loads more details.

And we will lose the ability to communicate properly…

(Randy) #65

FIFY :+1::rofl:

(Linda) #66

My sore spot is seeing cliché used as an adjective. Something IS A cliché. It is not SO cliché.

It was not surprising to me that the seven of the eight winners of the Scripps Spelling Bee were Indian Americans. Proofreaders and editors just aren’t considered important anymore. What do we need 'em for, when we have spielchek?

(Linda) #67

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s Weird Al’s word crimes video.