I missed the memo. When did "losing" become "loosing"?

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While ‘loosing’ does tend to trigger my little Inner Grammar Nazi, I try to view it with humour to placate myself. Oh look, I’ve set some of my wee adiposes free from my belly and my arse, and now they’re running loose around the city!


(No other Who watchers around here? No? Sorry, I’ll see myself out…)

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This one just will not die. I suspect that eventually the English language will change to accommodate this very, very, very common misusage

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I sure hope not.


We’re here.

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Not trying to be argumentative, but it could also be said that it’s not that hard to just…ignore it. :wink:

Life’s too short to let the minor things annoy you.

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The loose versus lose is distracting when someone does that. I also see ‘here, here’ instead of ‘hear, hear’ and that makes me cringe.

However, I do omit the Oxford comma because a comma is a substitute for the word ‘and’ so using the Oxford comma reads as ‘and and’ in my brain. Fortunately, it is optional :grinning:

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That whole “lose” vs “loose” is common on a card game site I frequent, too.

“Your a looser!” “You are going to loose if you keep leading clubs!” Trash talkers, is what I think. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


:joy::joy: awesome, that just made my day… I did read it in Walken’s voice. :joy:

You’re and your drives me nuts, as well. :wink:

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I try not to make these mistakes, and I teach my students the way that is currently correct. But that is all it is. The way that is currently correct. English has a short and sordid history. It is a patchwork of other languages that wasn’t standardized until recently, and not very well at that. It’s confusing. Mistakes are inevitable.


Here’s one that’s kind of obscure. Getting “who” and “that” wrong.

Example: The man WHO was lying on the floor… vs: The box THAT was lying on the floor.

Yes, I’m that picky. Although, I suspect I get who and whom wrong a lot.

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So cute!! I loved this one (fellow Whovian here)


Ohhhhh, don’t get me started on the whole ‘who’ v ‘whom’ thing. You have no idea how much yelling I have to do at the TV over that seemingly universal misunderstanding.

And as for reflexive pronoun abuse… :roll_eyes:

(Jamie) #34

The use of “less” where “fewer” is proper triggers me.

(Ken) #35

What drives me nuts is using the word disrespect as a verb.

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You know guys, I know where you are all coming from, but sometimes reading this post makes me uncomfortable.
You are obviously all well educated intelligent people but, not everyone on this site has your level of education. That doesn’t mean that their contributions should be mocked.
I would hate to think that anyone with a lesser education, or maybe a level of dyslexia, would feel alienated from this site, with all its help and advice, because some people judged them on their English! So sorry, I mean grammar.
I dont want to fall out with anyone but please be kind.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I used to be much more of a grammar perfectionist but as I have aged, I find myself making some pretty egregious mistakes as I type - especially if I have typed a lengthy e-mail, was interrupted, and came back to finish it and did not proofread before clicking “send.”

I like to think I am that same, articulate, perfect speller from before, but when I look at some of those sent e-mails through my “glasses of judgement,” I sure hope my co-workers and management don’t think my occasional typos, sentence fragments, and misspellings are an indicator of my overall intelligence.

Also, especially online - typing on tiny phone screens! And auto-correct!

So I tend to give people plenty of benefit of the doubt with their typing / spelling skills. They may be tired, frustrated, busy, or maybe their abilities are stronger in other areas than spelling and grammar.

For what it is worth, the thread that probably sparked THIS thread - where the word “loosing” was used when the poster meant “losing” - I changed it to the correct word about 15 minutes after this thread was started. Wasn’t my thread, but people with “Regular” status can move threads and edit thread titles.


We’re just having a little fun. To some people (English majors like me, for example) they are not minor errors; they are blazing neon signs that can’t be unseen. We’re just letting off some steam about it. We’re not calling anybody out by name. But I get your point, and won’t contribute anymore. (But I’ll still be thinking it! :rofl: )

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We should be loosing arrows at those who misspell losing!