I may be getting more carbs than I thought

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I was lazy and decided to order a salad from Panera under the heading of protein. Their site was very good and adjusted the carbs on the fly. I was shocked at the amount of carbs were in a salad with chicken on it. I got rid of the dressing as I keep a bottle of blue cheese (1 carb) on hand at the office. I then ditched the tomatoes and red onions. While I got it down to a manageable level it started out at close to 20g. I don’t really count but my breakfast is maybe 3 carbs, lunch I estimate to be 10 but 15 may be closer and dinner is maybe 15 from veggies. That leaves oh so small left for my 1/2 bottle of red wine. It looks like I may have to do the unthinkable and dial back alcohol. Right now I am increasing running to see if I can eliminate my last ten pounds of fat without drastic measures.

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Lol I almost ordered a salad today from Panera. Decided I was too cheap to pay $3 delivery, so I just ate the lunch I had already at work.

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Or maybe drink wine every other day, since the body stops burning fat for 24 hours to burn off the alcohol. Or pack a very simple lunch of olives, lunch meat and cheese. Simple grab and go things like that. Hard boiled eggs. What’s your 3 carb breakfast?

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With the Panera salad, was the carb count total or net?

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Drink every other day, that hasn’t ever happened before. I do pack lunch daily. The next day I had an avacado split and mixed the meat with tuna and a hard boiled egg. 3 carb breakfast is 2 eggs scrambled in butter with heavy whipping cream, add cheese, sausage patty, bacon and some MCT oil in coffee.

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Not sure but I think total in the US it would make a big difference wit some fiber in there.


I have never heard that about alcohol and fat burning. Science please?

(Scott) #8

If it is 24 hours I would never burn fat ever so I think I can debunk that one.

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Don’t get me wrong… I’m a drinker.
But as many in forum will agree that daily drinking and keto don’t really mix. When you drink your body views it as a toxin and will metabolize the alchol before anything other energy source. So if you’ve just eaten a high fat meal and then say half a bottle of wine; where do you think all those calories go while your body metabolizes the alcohol?

Edit… sorry lol copy/pasted the wrong links. Apparently I’m wrong in the 24 hours. I’ve heard on the forum time and time again.


I rarely drink and rarely add some brandy to my whipped cream, but why does it take 24 hours? I had just never heard that and as I don’t completely understand all of the biology that goes into staying in ketosis I was curious as to the science behind your claim.

I still am wondering. 24 hours seems like a long time and as I have checked my ketone levels with pee sticks I know for certain that I had half a glass of wine and 3 hours later I was in ketosis, or still in it, never having checked immediately after consuming alcohol so I don’t know if I was ever out of ketosis.


Thanks for changing the links I was really confused🤔went in and read the new ones, and as you said depending on the amount it doesn’t change the fat burning for very long.

It was the 24 hours that had me stumped. I could believe it might stop ketosis especially if someone drinks enough carbs in the alcohol but not the time.

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Since everyone metabolizes alcohol(and food) at a different rates, it may take less or more time to metabolize it. I’ve known some stick skinny alcoholics(an uncle comes to mind). Urine sticks aren’t very accurate


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Thanks for the info on the Keto stix. I know they aren’t great but in the beginning I just wanted to see if I was in Ketosis and then check to see if certain things would kick me out of ketosis. I wasn’t looking for something exact just a generalized reading. I don’t worry much about it now, the last time I used several was to see how long after Christmas it took to get me back into ketosis.

If I ever want to accurately read my ketone levels I will invest in something better but for my purposes I just want a general idea.

(Scott) #14

This reminds me of when I was logging in MFP and someone said “dude, do you realize that you get a third of your calories in booze?”. I said I know I need to cut back… He replied no it’s not like that, we are in awe.