I made it past day 3!

(Casey Brown) #1

Ok, this may seem dumb to some, but this is huge for me. I’ve tried keto more times than I’d like to admit and I’ve historically caved on day 3 because I just feel so bad. But this time I DIDN’T!!! And I’ve lost almost 5 pounds so far and I feel less bloated. So exciting!!! :smiley:

(Jacquie) #2

WTG! :grin:

(matt ) #3

Way to go! That’s the hardest part!


Nice work :smiley:

(AnnaLeeThal) #5

Good for you! One day/meal at a time. We are here to help support you.

(I like to post memes!) #6

You can do it!!! One day at a time!

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

Keep the streak alive!

(Terri) #8

Yes! Keep going–you’ve got this!


:sunglasses: cool!! One day at a time…you have lots of support on this forum…you can do it!!!

(suzanna) #10

Awesome…you’ll be at 7 days in no time😀

(Scott Shillady) #11

Great job, you deserve some bacon

(RavenRed) #12

Not dumb at all. There is something almost magical about three days for my body. It gets easier after the third day. If I have dairy - it takes three days to work out of my system. When I quit smoking, the first three days were the hardest. Well done!

(Kerri Hines) #13

That’s great! Keep up the great work!

(Howie Levy) #14

Don’t forget to add salt! Keep up the good work.


Congratulations! Way to go!

(Will Madams) #16

Well done I’m starting day 4 now. And I’ve just hit ketosis (according to my Keto sticks) I’m not sure how you’re feeling but I have had this sense of balance and continued energy keep it up!

(Casey Brown) #17

I’m so mad I cheated over the weekend and now I’m starting over :rage:

(Will Madams) #18

Every time I’ve felt like cheating I’ve jumped back on the forum and then when that wasn’t working too well I cooked a load of bacon and left it in the fridge in its juices and snacked on that or a fat bomb I keep in there too

Good on you for getting back into it!


No sense being mad, just keep going. It gets easier, promise.