I’m interested in Jerky


I recently saw a video on Jerky/Biltong. I have never given jerky a thought before. I’ve seen it at the checkout but never considered it anything but a snack food. Dr. Cywes just dropped a video on Jerky for carnivores. I’m completely intrigued by this new to me food.
I need some links on how to start making Jerky/Biltong with all types of meat, bacon, fish. I will be purchasing a dehydrator to make the Jerky. My first try at making jerky will be bacon.

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Me, too. I just purchased a Ninja air fryer to use as a dehydrator. Awaiting delivery. I intend to use Savoury Choice Boneless Beef, which is already sliced quite thin. I can buy this at Walmart where I work.

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Eager to hear how these culinary excursions turn out.

We consume Duke’s sausages, beefsticks, etc., and have also snacked on (the lowest carb/unsweetened) jerky we can find while traveling - which has been limited lately. Makes for a great snack with hard-boiled eggs, midday or on the road.

I’ve found that much of the over-the-counter jerky includes stuff to be avoided.

And so making one’s own sounds inspiring!