I’m curious 🤔, what supplements do you take and why?


Since about 3 months ago, I’ve ran into some unexpected problems recently after being on Keto for 2 years. I’m now taking a few supplements iodine, magnesium, calcium. They are really helping me with these unexpected things. All of these were recommended here (thank you)
I’m just curious as to what supplements others take? What are you taking them for?

(Bob M) #2

I’ve tried many. I currently take:

  • magnesium, sometimes; I can’t figure Mg out
  • iodine, a few drops of lugol’s, every 1-2 weekends, 1-2 drops
  • salt, all the time, olive juice, pickle just, lotsa salt
  • vitamin d + k2 in a dropper bottle (by the way, if you’re taking calcium, you should take k2); I never get sun; k2 for calcium clearance
  • l-ornithine; sometimes; I can’t figure out if it helps or not (reduces cortisol)
  • l-citrulline, usually a few times a week, nitric oxide helper
  • berberine, tesing Fire in a Bottle’s SCD theory; it MIGHT help with hunger, but it seems if I take too much (the recommended dose), it causes heart palpitations

I’ve taken so many other vitamins/minerals/body supplements, I can’t remember them all. Those are the only ones I’m taking at all now.

(Laurie) #3

I gave away all my supplements last summer. I had too many, and they were driving me crazy! However, I have added a few back in:

Vitamin D: For SAD (seasonal affective disorder/winter blahs). Some recommend it as a defense against Covid as well.

Collagen: For joint problems; also aging skin and hair.

Ascorbic acid powder: Aids in utilization of collagen.

Magnesium bisglycinate: Various reasons.

Salt and No Salt (potassium chloride): Because people on the forum say we need them. But I hate salty tastes, so I take very little.

Liquid chlorophyll: As a “relaxed carnivore,” I don’t eat vegetables. However, some years ago I took liquid chlorophyll, and it made me feel better in some indefinable way. So I’m starting again today, just to see if it will help with the winter blahs.

I avoid pills, so for the Vitamin D I use drops. Chlorophyll is by the teaspoon. I buy the other supplements in powder form and mix them into my yogurt dip, which I use almost daily.

I’ve considered taking zinc, but haven’t bought any yet.

(Robin) #4

I take magnesium citrate (powder form) to help with leg cramps (gone) and regularity.
Collagen. Cuz I may be 66, but I still wanna be a babe.
Potassium cuz i was convinced on here, and can longer remember the reason.
D3/K2 cuz HEART and overall immune system.
Vitamin C, cuz why not.
Niacin cuz i can’t tolerate statins.
And since I am having issue with hair loss, I’ve added Biotin, B Complex, and Iron.
PS… the folks on here are my personal gurus. They share research, experience, and compassion.

(Christopher) #5

Curcumin - for blood sugar control and beta amyloid/tau protein management for APOE 3/4
Vitamin D3 - I am chronically deficient
Vitamin K2 - arteriole calcium control, joint health, assistive to the Vitamin d3
Alpha-Lipoic Acid - blood sugar control, weight loss
astaxathin - antioxidant, eye health, inner ‘sun screen’
Vitamin B1 complex - for management of Thiamine deficency due to metformin prescription


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(Marianne) #10

I’m one of those people who reads all these recommendations, buys the stuff, and then never takes it. Our kitchen cabinet is full of various vitamins/supplements. I detest taking pills and can’t take the really big ones (seems that’s the only way you can get Vitamin D) - so, I’m not taking anything. :sob: I suppose if I really girded my loins, I could force myself to take a multivitamin. I figure it would be better than nothing.

(Vic) #11

Me too, I do not touch any supplements at all.
They are proccesed and come out of factories, this makes me uneasy, no not for me.

I do. Egg yolks, fish eggs, fish liver, meat liver, milk. organ meats. Salt. Sunlight

(Laurie) #12

@gingersmommy Vitamin D drops? Although I certainly understand if you don’t want to take any supplements at all. Been there!

(Bob M) #13

Oops…forgot about covid. Taking zinc and selenium periodically. Both supposedly help with covid, though all data is epi, no RCTs.

(Bob M) #15

It’s currently below freezing where I live. How does one get sunlight? Not only is it below freezing now, but it’s not going-without-clothes weather for months at a time. And I have a desk job, so even in the summer, I can’t get sun.

I do eat some fish, but then one runs into whether the oil is really olive oil or something else.

There’s no way I’m drinking milk. Talk about a carb hit. That’s liquid obesity waiting to happen. And they ADDED vitamin D to milk. It’s not naturally there. Not only that, but unless you’re drinking raw milk from a local farm, they’ve probably separated out (in a factory) the skim milk and fat and remade the milk into “milk”.

Let’s not even get into the fact that our feed is lacking in nutrition, such as magnesium.

Man, I can’t stand people who are “holier than thou”.


Currently I’m taking K2, D3, magnesium glycinate, potassium, 2drops of Lugol’s 2% iodine (daily), krill oil, C, and occasionally folate. I try to get collegin from cooking any meat bones, joints left over from meals into broth. Also, I try to get C from peppers but I don’t eat many veggies.


I can’t really take supplements, something in my personality messes with them. I only took a magnesium pill (one) when I had cramps, not in every month. But since I added meat and started to avoid vegetables (not completely but almost), I don’t need that.
I always wanted to get whatever I need from my food if possible. Well I tend to eat much and I eat good, nutritious food and as a normal animal, I am pretty sturdy and I can choose my food better than most animals so I don’t know why it’s necessary to worry about this… Even though I do spend some time on reading about these things but I take them with a grain of salt as no one can have any idea about my actual needs on my actual woe… So I do whatever, eat my eggs that is the base of my diet (great but lacking in some important nutrients) and hope for the best. My body should tell me if there is something off. It seems unnatural if I can’t function right if I don’t track like crazy. Probably some people need it or they want to give more chances to feel optimal, it’s fine and understandable but it’s not what I do when I don’t even really feel a problem.

No idea if I lack something but I feel okay and I don’t want to stress about proper eating even more, I am health-conscious enough.

I never supplemented sodium either but I only had 2 times in my whole life when it possibly would do any good. Too much salt has a way bigger chance in my life but it’s not very hard to avoid that in normal circumstances.

Oh I forgot, I use salt with iodine. That’s our “normal” salt and I have Himalayan pink too as I like its taste. In moderation, of course. Eggs are borderline salty enough but I still salt my meat.

I love sunlight in winter (all year except summer but I absolutely adore it in winter and go for walks even more enthusiastically then) though I don’t know what a few hours per week can do but it’s more than nothing especially for my spirit :slight_smile:
Fortunately having frost does nothing with the sunlight all day, it was a glorious week, it was very sunny except when it snowed :slight_smile: But there was almost no sunlight in the previous weeks, it happens but it’s just as rare as a full sunny week. It’s a good place, it’s very rare not having sunlight or rain for many days and both are quite important. I lived in a place with no rain for 2 months in summer. Keeping the garden alive was a serious task.

(Rebecca ) #18

I take a supplement for macula health, CBD extract for general well-being, omega 3 fish oil for joint, heart and brain health, MCT oil hoping to stave off dementia/Ahlzheimers, broad spectrum digestive enzyme for helping to break down food, D3 5,000 for immune and bone health (where we live sees very little sunlight now!)

(Marianne) #19

Now that I could do. I’m assuming they may have something similar for Vitamin C. Will have to look for it.

I don’t know what it is about pills; I have to force myself to take my prescription medication every day - but I do, religiously, because it is important. Will have to dig out my weekly pill sorter and put a multivitamin in it. That would be a start.

(Laurie) #20

@gingersmommy I have a problem with pills also. For Vitamin C, I buy ascorbic acid powder and mix it into my yogurt dip or liver pâté (anything that isn’t going to be subjected to heat). I have heard of multivitamin powders, but they are expensive.

(Susan) #21

I currently take the following daily:

  1. Formula Forte Senior Women (a multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant for the maintenance of good health) -a multi vitamin from Costco
  2. Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D3 --Webber Naturals
  3. Collagen with Lysine +Vitamin C --Webber Naturals
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar (500 mg) Capsules --I take 4 in the morning and 4 at night --Webber Naturals

I say I NOW take the above as I only started taking #2 and #3 after I broke my foot in September and the doctor recommend I take both.

  1. I also EAT Pink Himalyan Salt fairly regularly (I buy the small rocks and swallow some, as I cannot stand drinking salted water, so I can easily swallow these, it is much easier for me). I have found if I haven’t had any bathroom movement for a few days, swallowing a small amount of them really helps, so there is that additional bonus to having it on hand for me.

I buy all of these (except #1) on Amazon.