I’m curious 🤔, what supplements do you take and why?


Every normal pill can be powdered… I never could swallow any pills (or half or a quarter), I always chew them into very tiny pieces. I need to take apart the capsules, I can’t help that but I had that once in my life, just in case, my dentist that time was too paranoid or wanting to be safe, it wasn’t really important. I am fine with eating one pill in every month or something, bad headaches can make me eating more but that’s it (and if it’s medicine, it must be something not too brutal or else I will instinctively spit it out, my body just reject it. but my experiences are tiny as I was always quite healty). I have ascorbic acid but I don’t eat it (I would if I felt the need) as it’s not nice tasting. I like sour but only if it’s tasty. I used it together with lemon juice for a while but I stopped. Sometimes I wonder if it’s okay as I eat very little vitamin C but it’s an experiment I suppose. Calcium and vitamin C, if I worry about any micronutrients, it’s these so my resistance is smallest towards them. I have calcium fizzy tablets, they are easy to eat, I just dislike the sweetener in it (I can handle the taste, I just dislike that it’s in it, totally unnecessarily. I liked my tasteless magnesium pills, I chew them and they quickly helped so I knew they were good. except one when I was careless and didn’t read ALL ingredients. it’s so very complicated, it’s one reason I prefer my food - though I eat everything at once there and it’s not good for certain combos). And have no idea how effective it is but it’s true for most supplements. As I only took magnesium when I had cramps, it was easy to notice those pills worked. I am bad with taking supplements based on a mere belief (that I don’t have). If I feel the need, that helps but I usually don’t.
The form itself doesn’t really matter. I suspect iodine in my salt can’t hurt but I do nothing actively after I buy it so that’s fine. I never could eat fiber as “fiber” either, only if it had a role in a dish (but I don’t need any fiber anyway so it’s not a perfect example. but many people eat fiber as supplement and it’s strange for me as my first thought to get more of something is putting it into my food where it has some role, not just supplement).

In this country, there is a liquid stuff for general well-being…? 2x20 drops a day. I can’t imagine how people do that. Counting 40 drops every day? I would lose patience the very first time. But I don’t feel the need, it obviously matters a lot…I would do VERY MUCH for my health.

I may change later but I have good genes and I am quite young yet, in my 40s and my body works well.

(Marianne) #23

It’s moving to see how committed to your health and keto you are. :hugs:


Vitamin D, CoQ 10, B complex. A multivitamin every 4 or 5 days. Calcium once every couple weeks.

(Todd Allen) #25

I used to do that but switched to ascorbyl palmitate. It is an ester of palmitic and ascorbic acids to make a fat soluble vitamin C that I find mixes well into most any fat but especially dairy such as yogurt and sour cream. I prefer its taste, mild and creamy with just a hint of the ascorbic acid tartness. It is more expensive by weight than bulk ascorbic acid and I use several times more per serving but still a relatively inexpensive supplement.

(Anthony) #26

Vitamin d because I rarely get much sun and am always deficient in blood work. Zinc which I started taking for testosterone support, but is cheap and supposedly helps with COVID that I got while taking it anyway so… Magnesium which seems to help my sleep, and a Kirkland multi because it’s cheap and can’t hurt.


That’s 10,000iu’s of Vitamin D. I also got the injectable stuff :wink:

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Wow, the ones I have are horsepills.

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Thanks very much, Marianne, this forum is a major blessing for me to keep me focused and on track. All the amazing people here are terrific =).

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OK, here is why you cannot determine (no matter what you eat) what your intake of anything is.

Take vitamin D. Many – and I mean many – studies indicate that just getting outside exposure does not cause a rise in vitamin D level. Here’s one, where they had two groups, sunlight exposure only and sunlight exposure plus vitamin d.

Yes, that’s right, the vitamin D level of the sunlight only group DECREASED. And this is not a anomaly.

And that’s in Thailand. Not Sweden, not the cold areas of the US, but Thailand.

Let’s take selenium level:

They found places with higher selenium levels had lower covid-19 levels. What causes higher selenium level is a combination of foods eaten AND selenium level in the soil.

As China has geographical regions known to have either extremely high or low soil selenium levels, one of the first human diseases associated with selenium deficiency was identified there, in a region of Heilongjiang province named Keshan.

What happens if you live in an area with low selenium level or you eat meat from areas with low selenium levels?

This was my doctor for a while:

Dr. Cate, as she refers to herself, told me I should be taking zinc daily. Why? Because zinc is depleted in our soils and neither plants nor animals have enough of this any more. Now, I don’t take zinc daily, but I do dose it periodically.

Finally, take canned salmon:

600 IU of vitamin D per 3.5 ounces. I would have to eat 24.5 ounces of canned salmon to get what I get in my three drops (1,400Iu/drop) of vitamin D (which also gives me vitamin k2). And I take this amount daily, unless I’m fasting.

There’s no way for me to get enough vitamin D from food.

If you choose not to supplement, I have no problems with that. Just don’t tell people they do not have to supplement, if they choose to do so.

(Vic) #31

You sound like a supplement salesmen.

This idea that humans can not get their vitamins from natural foods is complete nonsense.

99.99% of the world population does not take any supplements, billions of people can not even afford it, let alone they know what vitamine D is.

Fear of Covid19 has put the hormone “Vitamine D” in the spotlight, and maybe not a bad thing, there seems to be a correlation between covid19 mortality and low vitamine D3. But most of all good for business, tsing tsing, big money.

I don’t understand anything about vitamin D. But you cant tell me that I need to take pills to survive and trive. Evolution has taken care of that. Yes you can get it from healthy food. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Remember vitamine C, how super important it was, how enormously deficiant we all were. They sold it in candy, juces, supplements. You could not survive without it. 1000fold deficient me is still ok ??? Must be vitamine D deficient.

Projecting. You can’t stand people like me, who don’t agee with you. Good on you.


Are they white and chalky or golden and soft? The first type also has calcium. The golden ones in the picture are similar to what I take at 2000 plus Vitamin K2


Apparently the selenium is still a viable issue https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7657009/
Strange that you do not hear about this in the media
Curious about your impressions of Dr. Cate, always interested when people meet certain health care names in person