(Peter minahan) #1

This is probably a delicate subject for some , so, if you’re a bit incensed by “poop” talk and don’t like information that might just help you DO NOT READ ON!
I do fasting and I was regular with my bowel movements until I stopped eating .
Sometimes waking up in the middle night in order to poop.
The other problem is that I have to eat something
because I take a tablet (one a day doctors medication) that has to be taken with food.
I might have a couple of walnuts or a small bowel of lettuce.
I take vitamins at the same time,multi vitamin calcium and omega fish oil .
Trouble then is that it comes out the other end as small poop.
So how can you get rid of a small poop?
This maybe too much information for some but I’m going through it so I’d really like to elaborate.
So , it gets stuck - the poop and the feeling isn’t pleasant. So don’t sit there for ages straining just wipe your behind as usual and go about your normal daily tasks . The feeling of poop being stuck will go away. Maybe for a couple of hours.
Then normal service will be resumed!
On the subject of straining , they say that you get piles and blood in your poop if you strain.
I never did understand how you can go for a poop and not strain!!!
When I was younger I used to take a book or newspaper to read when time to poop.
I don’t do this any more pooping takes no time at all now!
I read on the FB group people discussing
SQUATTY POTTY from Amazon!
So I investigated and found it to be just a plastic stand to raise your feet up about 8 inches in order to poop in the correct sitting position so as to straighten your pooh pipe because that’s where the strain is!
So I sent for one but while waiting I improvised, when sitting to poop, lean forward and grab your ankles and this works!
So the SQUATTY POTTY came and I use it every time I poop . It’s great! When I go out and need to poop I grab my ankles.
You could make one I suppose as long as your feet are raised 8 inches from the floor!

(Dustin Cade) #2

We got one from Lowe’s, I like it, I’m the only one in the family that does…it’s different and takes a bit of getting used to…

(Peter minahan) #3

Couldn’t agree more but when you do get used to it , it’s quick and efficient!
Just have to sit down , pull it from underneath the pan and raise your feet!
I still lean forward and hold my ankles .
Easy peasy!!!

(Mike W.) #4

When you’re 6’3" most pottys are already squatty…

(Rhiannon ) #5

We love ours. Not so much the men in our home, something about squished man parts or something.

Overall I’m very thankful to have it and wish I purchased one sooner.

(Nigel Williams) #6

No doubt you’ve all seen the advert one of my favourite ever adverts, makes me giggle


My mom had the 7" so I figured since I’m younger and more in shape I should get the 9" … I think it’s fine but my roommate thinks it’s too tall so he never uses it.
I think it’s fantastic though!

I contemplated this, but the brand-name one is probably a lot more sanitary since it’s one solid injection molded piece.

(Peter minahan) #8

Yes nearly squished mine the first time I used it!
It happens if you set it in place first and then try to sit down - the toilet seat and sitting on your man parts doesn’t make a good combination! Lol lol

(Peter minahan) #9

Yeah love this video surprisingly it’s in just enough boarder line bad taste to be good !
It’s all about our programming as people , conventions and taboos etc.
Getting into Keto helps to remove some of these. KCKO

(Cheryl Meyers) #10

I read about that trick in the book “Gut” by Giulia Enders (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23013953-gut). If you prefer squatting, come to Japan! The traditional toilets are disappearing in Tokyo, but probably lots still out in the boonies…

(Peter minahan) #11

Hi , ever been to Thailand? I got diarrhoea there and near the council buildings they have squat toilets , I peered in at a ceramic hole in the floor , no paper, a big bowel of water, a smaller bowel floating on top and what looked like a short garden hose with a trigger gun on top.
Needless to say I had no idea how to use this toilet so my wife took me to Tescos where I understood the western toilets they have there.
At my age squatting down is a no-no I’d never get back up and probably fall in !
There wasn’t a post or anything to support yourself to get up!

(Rhiannon ) #12

Good info, I’ll pass it along. :joy:

(eat more) #13

PSA: if you’re in the market for a squatty potty check your local costco…mine has a 2 pack for $19.99 (i think that’s the price)

(Peter minahan) #14

Sounds like good value for money!
They’re worth every penny - even the more expensive ones!

(De Anna) #15

Much of the world uses squat toilets. I have many stories of misadventures with squat toilets from my years traveling the world which I will spare you. But for the comfort of my home, I have a Toto toilet with a variety of bidet sprays, heated seat, auto light and bowl pre-spray (to prevent skid marks), air filter (no Poo-pouri required), and other rediculous luxuries. And…a Squatty Potty, of course. It’s a real throne. Having the feet elevated really does make a difference.

(Peter minahan) #16

Yes DeAnna you seem to have the rolls Royce of comfort!
And we could all use a bit more comfort in this sometimes uncomfortable world.

(Not a cow) #17

Are you sure it wasn’t a #2 pack for $19.99 ?

(Not a cow) #18

Wow, that takes fart jokes to a whole new level, just had to send this to my kids. haha

(Laurie) #19

For several years now I’ve been using a 7 1/2 inch stool I got for free somewhere. I like it fine. At $30 (Canadian) a poop–I mean, $30 a pop–the designated sitter is kind of expensive.