I just signed this petition -- will you?

(John Brewster) #1

Dear friends,

I just signed the petition “Display Carbohydrate value on front of all food packaging” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thank you!


P.S. Can you also take a moment to share the petition with others? It’s really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/display-carbohydrate-value-on-front-of-all-food-packaging

(bulkbiker) #2

I had quite an interesting discussion with the person who started this petition. I told her I had refused to sign it.
And maybe you need to say it is for UK residents only so far as I know.
The whole traffic light fiasco has only managed to vilify fat with everything that we know is good for us being red labelled. So I think it should be dumped.
In the UK the nutritional info is on the back of the packet anyway so why put it on the front?
We should be teaching people how to read/interpret the labelling that is there… not make everyone out to be completely infantile.
What I want to ingest and what others choose to ingest may be different… do we really want someone else telling us what we should and shouldn’t be eating especially when we have no control over who is doing the “telling”
Does that sound a bit ranty? It isn’t meant to but I want people to learn how to make their own decisions in a critical way not to be “told” what is or isn’t good for them by some faceless entity.Especially where the packaging of food is concerned.