I hit my protein targets for today 💪

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I hit my protein targets today :muscle:


Step by step instructions included.


Well, eating a lot of protein is way too easy on any not totally insane diet if you ask me. But of course, it’s quite individual, some people need more than I do (but probably few people need more than what I super easily eat) and some of us easily and gladly eat a lot… How much protein do you need? How much is in your ground meat? I like numbers and I am curious so if you know and don’t mind, I appreciate if you share :smiley:
I personally found that a 20-21 oz meat piece is a very nice start of a biggish, possibly OMAD meal (but my first meal is often biggish anyway). Or 600g, I normally prefer that metric but I am around people with that weird one too much. I still have no idea how much is something if it’s in oz, always need a calculator but I remember this one.
And 600g meat is surprisingly tiny… I always am amazed how little it is. But main thing it almost fill me up if it’s the right kind :wink: It took me some years to get there regularly (coming from a nice but still not ideal ovo-lacto vegetarian keto/low-carb diet) but I did it.

By the way, I never saw anyone doing that to ground meat…

(I just need to take my workouts seriously for gainz. Protein is no problem at all.)

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Yeah I honestly did this for the meme.

Still tasted alright a bit heme irony but still alright.

I like to get 150g of protein. Not a scientific based number, just a personal target.

Mince meat is 1.99 per 500g from Morrisons. Cheapest as far as I’m aware here in the UK.

People on tiktok are loving it, it’s gone sort of viral :rofl:

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I avoid tik tok like I avoid sugar :grin:


Okay I am not on tiktok so I can’t understand :slight_smile:

150g sounds nice. My target is 130g but I consider it a success if I eat 150g, still not overly high.

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Yeah I’d agree if you consume it all day. But if you produce content it’s a great platform.

They do use dark psychological techniques to keep you hooked though. So gotta be careful and not to mention the whole data privacy issue lol.

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What is the block of orange stuff?

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Red leister cheese.



More like PLANET! I literally pay almost 3x that for the store brand tube of it, let alone “real” stuff that’s ground by the store on a daily-ish basis.

I’d be stock piling that like the world was ending at that price.