I have to make it to friday with limited food


hey guys ive done one 72 and multiple 48s and i omad most days , due to financial difficulties ( i dont get paid till friday night ) how would you manage this food ?
i have one box of for 100% beef quarter pounders and two bags of superfood salads its gotta last till friday night 12 oclock

(Brian) #2

Start with a fast, maybe 48 hours or so. That would take you to Tuesday when you could eat. Maybe eat half of your stash on Tuesday and then the other half keep for your “reserve”. If you can fast Wed & Thur, you’ve got it. If you need it on Wed or Thur, you have the option to eat it.

That’s just one thought, probably how I’d approach it if I knew food was gonna be in short supply for the next week.

Let us know how it goes!


yeah thats my plan i think i forot to mention ive ate well today so a 48 right now wont be to taxing .

(Carl Keller) #4

If you can scrounge a dollar, that’s good for a dozen eggs. At least around here, they run a dollar a dozen.

(John) #5

Yep. Won’t be the free-range, cage-free, got to watch cable tv while getting foot massages kind of chicken eggs. But they are still eggs, from actual chickens. I saw eggs for $0.97 a dozen at Trader Joe’s last time I was in there.

How many patties in that box of quarter pounders? How big are the bags of salad? Usually when I get bagged salad greens, it’s good for 2 salads per bag. So you’ve got a salad per day for 4 days, plus as many QP patties as in that box. Find some couch change for that dozen eggs, and you’ve got it made.


yeah i got enough change for six eggs for 99 pence ( im in uk ) so i reckon im good , i got mayo and hot sauce too and probally half a stone in body fat i can rely on , i think my initial panic is over

(John) #7

Mayo may not be the ideal condiment, but it is mostly fat, plenty of calories, and was originally made as a salad dressing. So it can add some fat calories and goes well with either burgers or salad. Or mixed with a hard boiled egg to make egg-salad.


mayo has allways been a dream food for me on a keto diet full of fat and tastes great if you get the ratios right

(Natasha) #9

Asda Smartprice do 15 eggs for £1.18 :grinning:

(Polly) #10

One thought. Will the salad last, or will it be ruined whilst you are fasting?

If the salad is in danger of deteriorating, consider making some of it into a soup to freeze and use later in the week.

Good luck with your fast and hope they don’t mess up the pay run!

(Keto Travels) #11

Egg salad! :heart_eyes:

(Bob M) #12

I wouldn’t buy mayo, as most of these use seed oils. I’d make my own.

I find fasting to be much easier than eating reduced calories. I’ve tried eating say 500 calories on a day of eating, and can’t do it. I’m not sure how much food you have, but my idea would be to fast long enough that the food will be filling for the other days you need to eat.