I have space!

(Ashley) #1

My latest NSV. I started grad school and it’s amazing how much better I fit in the desks in class compaired to undergrad. I have space!

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #2

Congratulations! That is a great feeling.

It’s great to go to a restaurant and be able to sit in a booth, too!

(Linda Culbreth) #3



Had that over the summer. We have to take a short bus ride to get to my kids’ camp (they make you park elsewhere). When walking down the aisle of the bus I instinctively turned sideways to fit better without brushing anyone but soon realized I did not have to

(Linda Culbreth) #5

A :bacon: win for sure!


Flew on a crowded 2 hour flight last night. I had the aisle, I was the one whose space was being invaded rather than the space invader! A victory of sorts I guess. Stocky guy sitting next to me was in my space and while annoying, I had a couple of inches of room on my side which never happens


It’s very satisfying to see these changes eh. KCKO

(Doug) #8

Most definitely, Paul. I had almost entirely given up on it.

(Linda Culbreth) #9

Huge NSV!!!: :bacon::bacon: on