I have 2 profiles!

(Anonymous) #1

So being inept I somehow have managed to join twice! How can I remove one profile or can I mind meld them.
For the love of Dog please make the instructions very simple.

(Anonymous) #2

And the one I’ve just used is the one I’d like to delete. Although I am proud of my ability to put a profile picture up!

(Janus) #3

So do I!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #5

You are likely in anonymous mode. To get out of that, click or tap your user icon in the top left, and click or tap the :no_entry_sign: symbol next to the gear icon.

That should get you back to your main profile.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #6

For everyone’s info, please don’t use flags just to bring admin attention to a post, unless the post violates the site rules (abuse, spam, etc.).

Flags are for bad behavior, and can count against the user who is flagged. It also takes time for admins to clear flags.

If you need to get an admin’s attention, best bet is to @ reply them on the thread. They’ll see that when they log into the site next.

(Richard Morris) #7

I checked it out … yes she had accidentally switched into anonymous mode then renamed her user to her name and given her anon profile a picture of her.

The anon button is here


I renamed her anon account to anonymous removed the image and swicthed her back to non anon, and updated her profile image to the one she’d put on her anon account.

A lot of people have done this, I think discourse need to make it more obvious what people are doing when they choose anon mode.

(Anonymous) #8

Thank you!

(Judi Campion) #9

So do I have one user account? I’m afraid to look! :flushed:
I did remove my anonymous status, thanks for that tip, devhammer

(Judi Campion) #10

Never mind I’m seeing user name and profile pic!

(Richard Morris) #11

I think you have it all sorted :slight_smile:

When I reply to someone's specific post, it doesn't show as a reply
(Dread) #12

Hey, I just wanted to pop back and apologize for the flag, I sincerely thought I was helping! Anyway, it’s a good time to go back and read the guidelines, I did a refresher, here’s the link for anyone who wants to join me.


Thanks for posting this, @Dread1840. There’s a couple of rules I need to work on! :smiley: