When I reply to someone's specific post, it doesn't show as a reply


I see the two “reply” options. One in each person’s post, and one at the bottom of each thread in purple.

I understand the in-post reply buttons should show the future reader that my response was in response to a particular user, whereas the generic reply button at the bottom is just that, a generic reply at the bottom of the post.

However, whenever I use the in-post reply buttons to a specific post, I don’t see my reply pointing to that person. For example, see my reply to dread1840 here: I have 2 profiles!

(Yes, when I’m posting my in-post reply, I do see the person’s icon above my dialog box where I type. Is this a bug (I’m using Opera) or a problem on my end?)

Thanks for any help on this!

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Testing again.

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The first reply above was an in-post reply and the second was to the post in general. Not one damned difference. Plus, no indication while I’m typing.

You’re right, and this has happened to me at seemingly random times as well. Not sure what to do about it, maybe try closing the page and reopening it. Maybe try bacon.

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This is a reply to my first reply.

Not only do I see my own icon at the top while I’m typing, letting me know who I’m responding to, but it’s going to the right place.

Could it be that the very first post in a thread can only receive a general reply, not an in-post one, and then after that the in-post feature kicks in?


Replying to your most recent post…testing!


Apparently not! Well, at least we still have :bacon:

Edit: it worked this time. Weird!

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My observation is that if the post you’re replying to is the most recent in the thread (i.e. it will immediately precede your reply), the arrow pointing back to the post does not appear. I guess the logic is that it’s right there above your post, and so the arrow is only needed when you’re not replying to the most recent post.


That makes sense @donut. Trying it here. We shouldn’t see your name on this one…


But we should see it here…testing…


Yep! That’s the deal. Nice sleuthing @donut!

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Give that man some bacon!

Note: If you type the @ symbol, a list of names will pop up, allowing you to select specific people and notify them that you have referenced them in a post or reply. @PrimalBrian @donut