I hate the treadmill


I disagree. This is not what I observed at all. I know runners that have destroyed their knees and hips. Not just one person…many. And they outnumber the people of that are sedentary.

(Larry Lustig) #22

Me too. Also, exercise.

(David) #23

I think there’s a difference between running out from behind a tree to pounce on your next meal and running 10k because it’s ‘fun’.

Actually, I might try that at Tesco to make the shopping experience more primal.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #24

Definitely. I can’t motivate myself to run for the sake of running. But if I’m playing a sport I like (softball, Ultimate Frisbee), the running is just a natural part of the competition, and I don’t even really think about it.

(David K) #25

I like lifting weights.

(David) #26

Yeah, running in short bursts like that, I understand, yeah.

(eat more) #27

for me it’s “get the ball! must get the ball!” versus “oh look a tree…that i just passed…why am i running?” lol

i don’t think humans began running for pleasure or to get places faster, it was to avoid danger or get food.

so maybe i’m just unevolved and my body thinks i need to conserve energy :joy:

(Martin Liversage) #28

It’s not that I don’t like exercise. I actually enjoy it while I’m doing it. I guess I’m just sort of lazy so it is easy for me to end up not exercising.

My solution is to integrate cardio into my daily commute. It may sound crazy but being able to do that actually factors into deciding where to work because being fit and not short of breath is important to me.

I used to drive my bike around 10+ km each way providing me with a total of about 1 hour of cardio exercise. Now the distance is almost 5 km so instead I run (only 2-3 days a week to not stress my body) giving me somewhat less than 1 hour of cardio those days but at a higher intensity.

It works really great and as a plus my route is in a green area along the waterfront (I live and work in a city). Highly recommended. And I don’t need a treadmill.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #29

I also hate buildings. That’s why I own outdoor clothing and cross trainers. Fresh air, y’all.

(Jamie Hayes) #30

I always have a gait analysis (free) using treadmill and high speed video that can be played back in slow motion, to determine the ideal shoes for my gait. This minimises knee and hip stress.

(Jennie) #31

True. But I’m forcing myself to learn to run simply because I’ve always hated it. It’s one thing I feel has always bested me, so once I can conquer it, I’ll be content. It sounds crazy to say it out loud, but apparently gym class as a tubby 13 year old kid messed with my head.

(Crow T. Robot) #32

I would bet that a lot of runners who ruined their joints were on a glucogenic diet and essentially “rusted” their tissues from the inside through heavy glycation. If they had been on a keto or “traditional” diet (as opposed to modern/Western) there would have been much less damage.

(Terence Dean) #33

I love my treadmill. :walking_man:

All my old excuses for not exercising don’t work on it. Hey its too hot today lets give it a miss. Its too cold, I might die of exposure, its unsafe to go out late at night walking the streets, aw crap it just started raining.

I get to press the green button for go and the red for heart attack mode, I’ve even got a rip cord just in case I pass out and grind my chin on the end of the mill…lol.

I get to play my favorite music, and if it all gets too much, I can just step off it and it’ll turn it self off before I’ve opened the fridge. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Scott) #35

I started running about four years ago to lose weight. I ended up losing 50 pounds but it took running 30 miles a week to get it done. That was before keto and when I slacked off on the miles I gained 30 pounds back. Keto has fixed that and now I run and go to the gym, at least was running to the gym before covid 19, every other day. I wear very good shoes and replace them every 300 miles. I hate running on treadmills and much prefer running downtown at 4:30 am. Now with covid what was light traffic is now no traffic. The vast majority of people that I know that have had knee or hip replacements are obese or overweight. I am sure it happens but I just can’t think of anyone that is what I would call a normal weight that needed knee or hip work outside of sport related injuries. Running is fun for me so hopefully the combination of keeping the extra pounds off and not starting running until my late fifties will be a winning one. As for rowing, I thought boating at a summer camp for two summers. Man was I built when I got back to school in the fall and had a damn good tan too.