I hate Brussels Sprouts


Not the biggest fan of cauliflower either. I got a little sick of it while making all those “faux-tatoe” recipes and cassaroles.
But…I just did something crazy. Took a 1 inch thick slice of raw cauliflower- Just lopped it right off the head. slathered it in olive oil and seasoned salt. Dropped it onto a hot grill, and gave it about 4 min on each side.
Love it. Tastes so different than the cassarole type mash. The texture is really nice too- firm but not too firm. Give it a whirl next time you fire up the grill for meats.

(Chris Wolfgram) #43

Hmm. Well, I “used to have” the most awesome recipe for Brussels… Brussels prepped and split, a bunch of bacon chunks and pieces, and pure maple syrup. Broiled at like 400 for 20-25 min… But now, no maple syrup :slightly_frowning_face: Maybe somebody here will have a good idea for a SF maple syrup ?

I was looking at Torani SF syrup, and they had about 27 different flavors, but no maple !? Like really ? WTH…

For the record, I’m not afraid of artificial sweeteners. Just no carbs :wink:

(Marianne) #44

That’s what I do! :laughing:

(I really do like the taste and crunch of cauliflower, but with dip it is especially good.)