I hate Brussels Sprouts

(Becca) #22

I love roasted brussel sprouts! I hate cauliflower though :face_vomiting:


UPDATE i love them roasted! I prepare mines by cutting them in half, sauteing in chicken bone broth then adding HWC, bacon bits and melting in italian cheeses.


Saw this thread and giggled. I love these Brussels Sprouts! Hubby made them for me for the MOther’s day dinner. I’m very allergic to corn, and he had corn on the cob for everyone else. For me, however, he put the b-sprouts into foil, added a big chunk of butter and salted them, then wrapped and grilled. OMG. Delicious. I could have just eaten the whole mess of 'em! But, that would have been poor form for such a nice dinner.

They are incredibly delicious, raw, grated into a salad, as well.