I found the solution to my vegetable problem

(Karla Sykes) #1

So at this point I have about two boxes of vegetables and no room in my freezer. I have a solution to my vegetable problem I am going to go vegan for a week. I am looking up so many different recipes for example vegan ground beef. I’m also looking up how to make vegan steak. This is a great option for eating a lot of my vegetables and being healthy.

(Daisy) #2

Good luck, you couldn’t pay me to go vegan lol

(Karla Sykes) #3

Just curious why

(charlie3) #4

I eat a very large non startchy vegetable salad every day because it fills me up and there are so many micro nutrients. It doesn’t matter much how large I make the salad because the net calories are very low.

(Daisy) #5

Well I’ve gone carnivore because everything not meat causes me issues (stomach, complexion, general well-being). Vegan would be torture for me, I would be completely miserable for the week!

(Ken) #6

Why not just go back and eat the SAD for a week? Veganism is just about as healthy. Both are denials of Science and Evolution.


What an interesting way to describe that.

(a student of the health benefits of fasting, keto and low carb) #8

I’m not sure what a vegan steak would be—if you mean trying to make a vegetable look like meat, that seems like unnecessary work unless you need to do that for someone else. But I’m in full support of you trying to make use of your vegetables. Maybe a lot of people aren’t fans, but I don’t consider them evil. I have a garden, and when I have an over abundance of summer vegetables, I try to give a lot away, but I also pickle or batch cook and freeze a lot. If I don’t process right away and it goes bad, it becomes compost but I’m a little sad if I lose food out of neglect.

The thing about the eating intermittently is that now my freezer is usually packed with meats/seafood, jerkies, and vegetables, and the fridge is relatively empty. Fridge just has a few things that are better off not frozen: Boiled eggs, pickles, home made miso, a pint of half and half (for guest’s coffee—they were kind of shocked when I offered heavy whipping cream so I don’t buy it anymore), assorted condiments. The 50% freezer, 50% fridge configuration no longer matches the new lifestyle.

Good luck working through the inventory.


Why would it be? We are omnivores and the type who can live on animals alone or on plants and other non-animals alone. Many people proved both are possible for a long term without significant problems, at least for some people, there is no diet that works for everyone.
I like to be an omnivore but if someone choose either part and is thriving on it, I find that quite okay.
And why would SAD deny science and evolution? Evolution doesn’t even involve good health just being healthy enough to survive and having kids. We have a society, way better chances to survive than normal animals…
People are different, vegan diets are very different and no one ever answered me what essential nutrients plants doesn’t have (except B12, maybe, big deal, omnivores take lots of pills too, quite often)…
Wow, it’s something new, I (kind of?) defend veganism on a keto forum :smiley: (at the point of my life when carnivore sounds better than veganism but I still prefer being an open-minded omnivore).

(Karla Sykes) #10

I’ve decided to just eat more vegetables and use real meat it was too complicated trying to create meat