I Found a Bargain


How about us UK people just keep adding to this thread each time we see a bargain in say our local Supermarkets or wherever ? I’ll start it off.
Tesco, 700 mg Pork Chops, less than £2-50. ( I doubt they are grass fed ) They are delicious plenty of fat too. I cut off the fat, melt that first, once I have the juice add the chops, cook till crispy, eat it all, what a meal. By the way I am Zero Carb / Carnivore. But usefull for Keto too.


I’m not in the UK, but did want to point out that the there is no “grass fed pork” as pigs naturally eat a more varied diet. I believe you may have meant to say “pastured” pork which refers to a natural diet. I wanted to clarify lest others think that “grass fed pork” is a thing they should be looking for.


Thanks for correcting that Brian.


No problem. A long time ago someone in this thread I will not name (ahem) looked for “grass fed poultry” once. :smile:

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Just found 20% fat beef mince in M&S of all places £1.80 for 600g. Great taste raw and cooked.


That sounds good, I am now going to M&S this morning. Thanks.

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essentials range very plain labelling


We shop at Tescos, and if you ask for ‘meaty pork ribs’ at the butchery counter, you get the most amazing ribs (at least you do in our store), at a very reasonable price.

They are individually cut, great slabs of ‘rib’ but there is only 2-3 inches of bone and cartilage at one end, and all the rest is the most delicious slab of marbled belly pork. I can only eat 2 in a meal - and since I am carnivore, that is all I will eat for that meal.


I picked up the last packet on display. Looks delicious, Will eat for dinner tomorrow.
PS, I kid you not, the checkout lady said " that seems reasonably priced"


While out hunting today, I went to your suggested hunting ground and sure enough they were there on display.
Looking mouth watering magnificent. I did not make a kill (Buy) as I was afraid and not sure how to deal with them ?. But now have them in my scope. Thank You.
Those ribs could belong to mammoth’s. Any tips on how to cook such giant ribs ?, would be most welcome.

I am also carnivore (just 3 months in), so I would be the guy at the back running as fast as I could to keep up with you more experienced hunters. I will soon overtake you all. But I will share the kill.



I have an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. The rib recipes are to die for. Seriously. You can adapt many of these recipes for carnivore (my version of carnivore is uber low carb, but allows garlic and herbs and spices).

But the most basic rib recipe would be to simmer/slowly cook until meltingly tender, then place on a rack or tray in the oven, or on a barbecue, and cook until there are lovely golden brown crispy bits.

Have a look at these for inspiration :grinning:


Thank you for taking the time to reply, I shall take you advice, much appreciated, My mouth waters.

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Well done… it’s very cheap indeed even the Waitrose essentials which is 15% fat is £5.50/kilo which makes the M&S at £3.00/kilo a real bargain… although just spotted Tesco does a similar one


MarkGossage “Just found 20% fat beef mince in M&S of all places £1.80 for 600g. Great taste raw and cooked”.
Just eaten, half that pack for my dinner. Have been working extra hard and fast today. By the way breakfast was 2 eggs and 2 ounces of cheese. Nothing else eaten and no hunger. Will eat the rest tomorrow. Absolutely Delicious Best by far budget meal, makes two meals actually, much better than Aldi, Tesco and Morrisons, my usual hunting grounds. Thank you. Cheers Jim
PS, I am not brave enough to eat it raw. Good on ye. :wink:

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I only had a few bits raw while I was making my burgers but it was nice very soft textured.
I went back and stocked up with 4 packs yesterday!


I shall stock up too. I found the stated 20% fat, was really good, not too much fat, so to speak, other brands stating the same, had the meat swimming in fat, that may a be a good thing for some. But I Liked your m&S brand.

No, not even a little Raw, too frightened. Mind you as a child I often ate raw bacon, loved it. Maybe I have been over exposed to the dangers of uncooked meat. But still no. Not Yet, just to scared about uncooked meat. Have had very bad personal experiences of Food poisoning.
But hey, don’t you let my imperfections slow you down. You rock on.

Mind you I will add my fears may well soon disappear if you and I wear fighting over the last piece of meat from a kill. Yes I would win the kill. Because,.I am from Liverpool. Indulge me just watch.

By the way we would share the last piece of meat.:wink:


Half price zero sugar and zero carb sweetener - called stevia granules but seems to be 99.25% erythritol.
NB I was trying to find out if I could use this product to make a ‘sugar’ syrup on the manufacturer’s website, and it’s not listed as a product - so maybe it’s been discontinued

I’ve only used half of my first packet in six months of keto, but it’s a cheap store cupboard ingredient.
The ‘best before’ date seems to be two to three years.

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Word of warning… it seems that M&S have stopped the £3 a kilo 20% fat mince… they have started a new pack size 750g but when I got to the checkout they tried to charge me £5.00 for the pack. Had a small confrontation with the supervisor who refused to let me buy it at £3 per kilo even though the price tag was there on the display cabinet (unfortunately for the 600g packs which they didn’t have any of). V huffy me… will try the Tesco one at £2.97 a kilo but it may not be so nice… watch this space…