I feel like I just found out the tooth fairy is not real! Net carbs Australia?!?


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Well I can only suggest you take it up with your local MP.


I agree that it causes confusion when the carbs listed are net, but not labeled as such (so you have to know that going in). I also find it helpful to know the amount of fiber in foods.

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Yes, but you do know that. It’s how all of the labels are in the whole country (and a lot of other countries as well).


I do now, lol.

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Doesn’t make it right :joy:. So if I understand it right, they can put net carbs without saying it on the product then not add the dietary fibre so we have no idea how they come up with the net carbs? Just because the whole country does something doesn’t mean it is correct or makes sense. The current food priamid is a prime example lol. I did not know until recently that we in Australia automatically have the carbs converted to net carb and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This post is just a discussion about understanding the AU/NZ labels and why the don’t have to put Dietary fibre on the labeling but they can apparently subtract it from the total carbs. Still a little complexed but as stated I’m going to study the guidelines myself. I just want to fully understand in interests sake, as everyone keeps saying the USA labels are very misleading… I won’t even try to understand what they get away with :joy:

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Much of Europe uses the same system as fibre is non-nutritive.

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Hi! I live in Australia and have been eating ketogenically since the end of April. I am originally from the US though and so was super confused about the labelling when I first started because before then I’d never really cared. Turns out that Australian labels have already subtracted the fibre so the carbs listed should be the net carbs EVEN if fibre is listed. If the label is from another country, say the US, the label may not have already done the math. One way to know for certain is if the word fibre is spelled “fiber” or “fibre”. If it’s “re” then the math has already been done. If the product label is Australian but does not list fibre or fiber, I’ve always just assumed the carbs listed as being the total net carbs regardless. Just safer that way for me.

EDIT: I did just look this question up and found this. Apparently if the food specifically states it’s high fibre, then it must list the fibre content? Otherwise it’s at the discretion of the producer? http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/labelling/panels/Pages/default.aspx

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Ok now that is making sense! I personally think the producer should have to put it on there no matter what but who am i to have a say :joy:… thank you so much, your “edit” comment is exactly the answer I was after. This is exactly why I stay away from packaged foods most of the time… makes my head hurt :exploding_head::joy:… thanks

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LOL! Exactly why I try to stay away from packaged foods. We buy our meat once a month straight from the meat market and I get fresh veg from the shops a few times during the week to supplement. In the beginning I went nuts with all of the keto recipes I saw all over the place but it was heaps of extra work and made the kitchen super messy and it was super expensive. Now we rely mostly on salt, pepper and season all. I do have other spices and such for whenever I feel like being extra special but mostly it’s just cooked meat, steamed veg or salad or no veg at all depending on what I feel in the mood for. Some nights I just want a huge cheese omelette so will cook up something else for hubby since he hates eggs. We save heaps more money now than when we both were eating whatever we wanted. Hubby is not eating the same way I am for the most part but he does eat what I cook. I very rarely cook non keto food for him except once in a while like last night when I fried a couple of pork chops and made mushroom risotto for him because all I wanted was scrambled eggs with hot sauce lol! :slight_smile:

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100% agree, I’m the same. I make almost everything from scratch and haven’t baked a keto “treat” for a long time. I love real homemade food. This all came about because I tried Pete Evans Bolognaise Sauce for the family because it is all clean ingredients but then looked at the label and realised the carbs looked way to low… it’s ok, I have learnt my leason! They all lie :joy::joy::joy:. I’ll just make it myself … you can’t trust ANYONE lol. Thanks for actually answering my question and saying… just eat real food :laughing:

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LOL! No worries and most welcome. :slight_smile: