I don't Fast

(Denise) #1

Unless you call not eating between my 3 meals a day, plus I don’t fast until I go to bed basically, as I eat some sleep-bombs an hour before bed. Then, after 8 pm, I am up at 5 a.m. almost every day (usually 7 days a week) and don’t eat breakfast, a big breakfast until 10 a.m. approx. So that’s 14 hours I am not eating.

I have maintained a healthy weight of 110 for my 5’2" small boned frame for at least 3 years now on Keto. I don’t focus on fasting at all, or even think about it. I hear on the forum that many do the intermittent thing, and as I mentioned, only between meals most days, I don’t snack on any of my peanuts, or even have anything except a Club Soda.

I am very strict with my meals though, and do just Keto, and sometimes have more carbs but usually below 20 g’s only.

I’m not against fasting at all, I just don’t seem to need that. I am curious now though to monitor my ketones, I’ve never checked them but looking now for what is a popular type.

I just wanted to share my experience, or lack thereof, fasting, for anyone else that might feel they have to do that, I didn’t, at least not intentionally, Denise

PS Maybe I should look up “benefits” of fasting in Ketogenics :wink: I’ll do that, might learn something!

(Robin) #2

If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it!

(Denise) #3

Nah I don’t plan on changing the way I eat I’m too comfortable in it​:wink::+1:

(KM) #4

I do fast. Extended fasts have felt like a reset for me, and I do feel the autophagy happening in 3-4 days is significant. At this point I am at the weight I’m comfortable with, so I do this perhaps quarterly, as a clean out.

However, I don’t do IF. I start my day with a protein coffee, easily 300-400 calories of fat and protein, 12 hours or so from my evening meal. If I want lunch I have it, if I’m not feeling it I don’t. I tend not to eat after about 6:30 p.m., but that’s just because it helps my sleep.

I think this is a very individual thing, and I definitely agree with you, Denise, it’s not an essential part of a healthy diet.

(Denise) #5

Well I really do believe that I can always learn something more it’s just that I wanted to say that I hadn’t participated in a real focused fasting time.

I know in the beginning I felt a little bit deprived of some foods but once I got used to keto I don’t think I’d ever go back to the way I used to eat I even tried some things like fat bombs and making things with almond flour you know like desserts and I didn’t like any of that at all

None of my old carbs or sugars appeal to me anymore I’m really grateful for that most of all and I do feel so much better.

I admire anybody that can do a real fast whether like strict intermittent fast or a lengthy one which involves days. From what I understand from others and like yourself it is like a cleanse.

(Chuck) #6

I eat 2 meals a day at the most and that has been my routine ever since was a teenager. And everyone fast overnight while they sleep. My normal is to never eat after 6pm and I seldom eat before 10am. That is just my normal routine. I don’t stress over keeping a record of when I eat, what I eat or how much. I follow my body’s signals of when, how much and when I eat. But I don’t eat fast food or processed carbs, and I don’t eat wheat so no bread, or cakes and pies.

(Denise) #7

Well I’m a lot like you Chuck I don’t think my growing up was as orderly as yours but I learned to eat three meals a day. Then fast forward about 40 years well I guess 37 38 years I came upon keto. Then I learned and started the no snacking in between meals or late in the evening after dinner. Low carbs but no sugar for me either. I don’t miss it though honestly.

I also had some issues with acid reflux before I got to doing keto and learned that if I didn’t eat anything within 3 hours of going to bed, lying down, I didn’t have any more acid reflux.

Ketos probably the best thing I ever came upon in my life​:wink::+1:


I don’t even understood why fasting is mentioned so much with keto. It is very individual and shouldn’t be forced if you ask me. I am a natural intermittent faster, my diet has little to do with it (though it was way easier to fast on high-carb as carbs made my meals bigger and longer lasting. lowering my carbs really damaged my fasting abilities) so unless I force-feed myself (and I can’t do that), I typically do IF. Not every day of the year but most days. It helps that I almost never get hungry before 2-4pm and I am very very satiated not so long before so eating would be a very much unwelcomed force and I would overeat like crazy and would be hungry all day. Nope.
Meanwhile my SO gets hungry around 6am and because he gets too hungry if he finishes his day too early, he simply has a bigger eating window virtually every day. And he does high-carb too because he feels awful and starving otherwise. So we both try to do what suits us best. There are no rules about timing, we are all different. Some people only eat once, right before bed because that works best for them. Unusual but each to their own. My SO has a pretty fixed eating schedule, I need to be very flexible on carnivore where my usual 2 meals may not be enough and I occasionally need 5. I saw people who just couldn’t eat enough in 2-3 meals, they should eat again and again and again if they can’t eat more at once even choosing different items or wait longer with their first meal or whatever they circumstances allow. Why some people force too few meals for them I don’t know.

I have no problem with snacking, I mean I don’t get why it would be bad. If I fancy it, I do it, sure. I rarely want it though, I mean, extra meal snacking. I snack during my normal meals. It may be wrong for someone else, of course, I get that. But I mostly just care about my eating window. (Actually, my macros but there is a strong connection. And it’s convenient to eat only 1-2 times. I typically hate my 5MAD days but I need my nutrients and satiation so I eat as many times as I must to get them.)

(Geoffrey) #9

Sounds like you have found what works well for you.
I intermittent fast but only because I generally just eat one meal a day. I just find it hard to eat when I’m not hungry.

(Marianne) #10

What is the protein in your coffee?

(Marianne) #12

Thank you. When you do your extended fasts, how many days is that and do you have just water?

(KM) #13

It varies. I admit I’m addicted to caffeine, so doing an extended fast without weaning myself off it first can be rough. I think water only is probably more effective, but the last few “fasts” I’ve still been starting my day with a diluted cup of this. I’ll go as long as it’s comfortable for me, which is usually about 96 hours.

ETA: I really don’t know if PSMF works. There seems to be something about just not putting any nutrition or insulin / digestion triggering substances in my mouth that’s better, cleaner. But I didn’t want to be misleading - I believe in it, but I don’t necessarily DO it!

(Denise) #14

That looks like a good one. I’ve been just using my collagen which has 13.5g of protein.

Also the collagen is to help with things that wear out at my age :wink: @robintemplin turned me onto this brand:


(KM) #15

Keep out of reach of children and pets? Hmm! Of course mine says it’s known to cause cancer in the state of California. Not sure if that’s the product or the packaging. :roll_eyes:

I think yours is very similar to mine, my one scoop “serving size” is 34 grams, so a bit more than double the size, and a bit more than double the protein. This was a recommendation from Ifod14@.


(Denise) #16

Wow, that’s excellent. I need a bit more protein, I am get some of this KM. I am feeling a lot better since taking a day off of doing my band exercise, but I still think I need more protein and a little less fats. More even I think would be best, same % of protein/fat.

Thanks for this recommend :wink: Denise

(KM) #17

Ok, this is driving me crazy, I’ve tried three times to fix the link and it just keeps inputting the old info so I deleted the post. This is the product I use. this.


(KM) #18

I’ve updated the info and link! I think your product has the same amount of protein as mine does, it’s just that what they call a serving size is twice as much.

(Denise) #19

Your absolutely right! I just remembered I put a smaller 1/2 scoop in the ZP because I didn’t want to get too much at first :wink: Been using just that much for maybe a couple years now, but like I mentioned, I think I need to have more protein and a little lower fat, same amount of each maybe.

I need to read more but don’t have the time this a.m. as I have to make the doc appt. Just a check up is all :wink: Probably want to rail on me about my high ldl :slight_smile: