I didn’t need to start the conversation

(Raj Seth) #1

So had a small High School get together (class of ‘82)
Having been obesely rotund all my life, when they sa me 85lbs off my high, the first question was “whoa! Whatcha doing? Healthy eating and Gym?”
I just sniggered internally and talked about lo carb. I didn’t have to start a single conversation about it. All wanted to know. I sent my little keto cheat sheet to 10-12 folks in one evening :+1:

(Karen) #2

Preach it!


(Raj Seth) #3

Here’s my Keto primer:
Ketogenic way of eating resources


  • 2ketodudes (for a quick start listen to episode 48, from Jan 6, 2017 “starting keto”. Additionally the 1st 13 episodes talk about everything you need to know)
  • Obesity Code podcast

The Obesity Code by Jason Fung
Booklet.2keto.com free keto “cliff notes”


Idmprogram.com(Jason Fung’s blog)
www.ketogenicforums.com (2ketodudes forum)

You want to become fat adapted. It will take 2-6 weeks - you know you are fat adapted when you stop being hungry - REALLY - never hungry.