I converted my parents. Mom's Diabetes is gone overnight!


(David Longlever Blaber) #1

I went keto about 3.5 months ago. I’ve had stunning results and after seeing what it has done for me my mom wanted to try it. Here’s the scoop on my moms.

5 years ago she had a stroke which shut down her entire left side. She was then diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after a few months (She had always been overweight but the stroke, subsequent lack of movement and certain medications caused a tail spin). Plus I think she had always been metabolically deranged and pre-diabetic. Since that point she had been taking insulin in the morning after waking (Fasting glucose always above 200 and usually in the 300s’). After every meal and snacks (Recommended 6+ times a day eating and snacks by primary doctor). And a long acting insulin before bed to control her glucose levels overnight. She was taking close to a hundred or more units a day and was injecting herself at least 8 times a day or more.

So we talked and she questioned and we talked some more. I broke it all down and told her all about the diabetes and Keto connection. She secretly started about a month ago and three days into Keto called me and informed me she had been without ALL insulin since day 2. I was floored. On day one she had taken her normal morning shot and cut out all carbs besides vegetables and cheese for the rest of the day. Her sugar never rose to needed insulin shot levels again. She skipped her long lasting insulin that night and when she woke on day 2 her glucose was 110 mg/dL. She has been without insulin for almost a month and has stayed under 20 carbs a day since day one. Even though she can’t be as active as most she has already lost her double chin, her dresses are looser and she has been able to get herself out of bed and into her wheelchair by herself for the first time since her stroke 5 years ago. I’m not sure who is more excited. Myself or her. I am so glad I was able to get her to commit to this lifestyle and I think she may be more hooked than I am.

Thank you for everything I have learned from the 2 keto dudes and was able to pass on. Not only has my life been changed for the better but I believe that the dudes may have saved my moms life too. KCKO

(Scott) #2

Now this is one incredible story! If this doesn’t make you a Keto believer than nothing will.

(Karen) #3

Wow wow wow! Congrats to you and to your mom. I’m so proud of your mom for being open minded, and for you for being such a good son!

(Bob M) #4

That is awesome!


What a great beginning, just make sure she sticks with it. So happy it worked well for her and wishing her continued success keeping herself in the healthy range.

(Carl Keller) #6

Doctors too often just want to treat the symptoms and do nothing about the cause.

It’s like taking the batteries out of a smoke detector instead of trying to find the fire.
Mark Hyman MD

Congrats on you and your mother’s success with keto. Hopefully things only get better for the both of you. :wink:

(Laurie) #7

I’m so happy for her, and I’m grateful to you for posting. I’m 66, and success stories like this help keep me on track.

(Randy) #8

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

(Jessica) #9

That’s awesome!! I’ve converted mine, too, though they didn’t have as dramatic a change.

(Katie) #10

Way to go, this is exciting! My BF is diabetic (uncontrolled but starting to try) and I’m hoping for a similar conversion… will be over time with him thought. This is so inspiring, way to go to you and your mom!!

(Jeanne Wagner) #11

This is so wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing that awesome success story. I bet your mom will continue to improve over time and this is just a beginning.

(Shirley Wilkinson) #12

That is a wonderful story ! I know your Mom Feels like a new person.
Tell her to dance the happy dance while the New Year rolls in.

(Jeffrey Ricker) #13

I have had a similar experience. My question would be: is the diabetes (the pancreas not being able to perform) cured, or is it only the not eating carbs and if someone has a piece of cake or some beers will they have high sugar counts again or will the pancreas produce enough to compensate? I will say it is good not to have to inject myself a couple times a day now.

(kj) #14

I don,t know you personally but your story made me feel so happy for you and your mum. It is such an inspiration. You have given me new motivation. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish you and your lovely mum all the best and more. Happy new year to you both xxx

(Sally Robinson) #15

From my understanding you aren’t cured, if you go back to your old woe, your diabetic symptoms will return. It is the lowering of carbs and cutting out sugar that has stopped the spiking.


My favourite story of the day … put a huge smile on my face … kudos to you for converting her :+1:t2:

(Candice) #17

I read something about fasting regenerating pancreatic cells.

I think doctors usually say no but they haven’t studied Keto and fasting to find out.

I had lost all bladder sensation and it came back with Keto. Doctors say this “can’t happen.”.

(Jeanne Wagner) #18

Wonderful!!! So happy for you. :+1: