I can't stand the taste of Bacon

(Tom Seest) #1

I’m looking to find bacon in pill form.

I’m wanting it for convenience sake, and I can’t stand the taste of bacon, so I figure this will give me all the benefits of bacon, without the crappy taste.

Anyone here have any suppliers, ideas or suggestions?


(Tom Seest) #2

Sadly, I have Desiccated Liver pills that I take for convenience, but I actually prefer the taste of Beef Liver to that of the pills…Does that make me a bad person?

(Tom Seest) #3

I also prefer to make my own Ketones, as opposed to drinking them, but I’m crazy that way…

(Derek I. Batting) #4

BLASPHEMY! :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

comforts his little plate of bacon Don’t listen to the mean man. He didn’t mean it.


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This thread, burn it with fire :fire:

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with the rule book?


Try uncooked)

(Alec) #13

Sorry, if you don’t like bacon, you must resign from keto forthwith. Period.


I can’t stand the smell of bacon, it smells like sweat to me. Nice to find others with a similar affliction.


Burn The Witch!!!

(Pete A) #16

In fun!

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(Sammy Hazmi) #18

Hi mate
I’ve tried it for my first time as a Jew to know what’s the fuss all about
Unfortunately it was soo horrible it’s got funny tast somehow I couldn’t shew
I’ve bought bacon and soussages
I’ve Trayed it
Unfortunately I’ve couldn’t digest it and I could not appreciate what people making the fuss all about
Any way what I’ve understood from my experience is that if you’ve raised on monkeys flush you’ll fansy it.
Esxue my frinch mates :heart:
Love u all :kissing_heart:

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Bacon isn’t required eating. If it does not work for you, just eat something else. Just keep the carbs down, eat what protein works for you and eat the good fats. It is all good.

(Bob M) #20

I try to avoid bacon. I like it, but it’s too enticing. It’s something I can eat 1 pound of, even while full. So, I try not to eat it.