I can't fast


It’s fine, happens all the time and anyway, perfectly okay if one has something to add :slight_smile: Even if it’s some advice, except if very very specific for the OP, new people come and they may need it too!

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It’s OK, don’t worry - old threads are often revived here and in doing so bring new knowledge to people who may have missed them otherwise.

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That’s not a problem on these forums. In fact, we prefer reviving old threads to starting a new one. Richard Morris, one of our founders, feels it keeps all the information in one place.

Anyway, to comment on your previous post, there is a limit to how much fat the body will allow to be mobilised during a single day. It’s quite large, but still limits the response to fasting. Richard calculated it, if you can find the thread where he posted the results. He also discussed the issue in a book called something like Why is the Fat Man Hungry?

However, the body’s response to fasting is complex, and I suspect researchers haven’t yet teased out all the variables involved. There is also quite a bit of individual variability, as well. I also suspect there are psychological factors involved. For example, I was raised by parents who survived the Great Depression. They were hungry a lot, and not by choice, which greatly affected their attitudes to food.