I am fasting starting 29th November

(Tim Cee) #21

Talked on the phone to my cousin who also practices extended fasting. He said I sound like I need to start re-refeeding. I’ve decided to play it safe.

Final numbers:

Bp 111/82.
Hr 77 bpm
196.6 lbs.


(Take time to smell the bacon) #22

This is called the Warburg effect, after the researcher who first described it. Most cancers require glucose to thrive, but apparently there are some that do not. On the other hand, Dr. Thomas Seyfried believes that all cancers are caused by metabolic damage from excessive glucose.

This lecture by Dr. Dawn Lemanne discusses how a ketogenic diet can be helpful in treating cancer:

(Michael) #23

Congratulations on a week long fast. Good work.

(Tim Cee) #24

The appetite kicked into nitrous boost and I ended up eating a cup of yogurt, several slices of cheese, three spoons of peanut butter, and a bag of microwave popcorn. Feeling okay otherwise. Might end up having the dumps as that all works through.

I’ll add a couple updates in the next few days about the recovery. I’m curious to see if I can sustain the momentum on OMAD.

(Bob M) #25

I try to do TMAD, with some 36 hour fasts (try one/week, but more often one/fortnight). Try to get 3-5 day fasts once per quarter, but only one so far this year. The next few weeks don’t look promising.

(Tim Cee) #26

Dinner today was 3 1/4lb hot dogs from the truck stop—no bun or sauce.

Before dinner:
BP 118/84
79 bpm

Feeling pretty good today overall. OMAD is my normal so this is nice. My hands are not quite as good as the day before breakfast, but still a lot better overall. The popcorn was probably not a good idea. No bowel disruptions except one unusual unload—had some rabbit droppings. I got a little hangry near the end of the day, but I think I can blame that on the dock crew. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Tim Cee) #27

Final update on the 7 day fast and recovery:

I’m happy with the experience as a whole and it was helpful. I was surprised it didn’t help with my back at all, but maybe that’s because of the etiology of my back pain. It helped a lot with my hands and seems to have helped with asthma significantly. These improvements have been maintained so far in the week following. Also, I began the fast pretty quick after having COVID so my activity level was already low at the start and I wasn’t able to increase it while fasting. However, over the week following I progressed to pre-COVID levels and am feeling pretty good. I regained 8 lbs for an estimated net loss of 8 lbs. I can’t be sure of this estimate because I didn’t have a scale at start, but I know I was 210 at some point before the fast.

All in all I really enjoyed the experience and have already started my next extended fast in solidarity with the monthly community fast. CCFO