Husband is irritating me

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When I was a sugar addict, I still had standards. I could bake the most delicious desserts and they would put store bought stuff to shame. Taste still matters more than convenience to some people.

(Lisa) #22

I was going to suggest letting them sit on the counter or in the sink until the mold takes over the kitchen, but I like your idea better. :joy:

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I live with a very messy person so I understand the bummer it is when someone cooks in the kitchen and then “cleans” it afterward but you have to clean it for real. How about just ignoring him and maybe he’ll stop asking. I guess you have to ask yourself what’s more of a pain in the butt, just baking some brownies or cleaning up after he does or standing there fighting over how he’s cleaning it? We all have our bs thresholds. What’s yours?

(Edith) #24

When I first changed over to keto in my house, I told my daughters that after all the research I’d been doing I learned about how truly bad sugar is for us. I told them I would still buy things like tortilla chips and other carb foods that didn’t contain sugar, but I would only make/buy sweets for special occasions. If they wanted sweets they would have to make or buy them themselves.

That has worked out just fine.

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The store bought stuff is delicious, especially not even cooked. Mine never made it to the freakin oven. RAW BATTER OMMM NOMMM NOMMMMM #SALMONELLAFORLIFE

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I’m not sure what he does to brownie mixes, but by the time he’s done you can throw them through a wall. Brownie bricks. I’ve literally stood over him while he prepares and bakes one, and it was still messed up. I’m baffled.

I mean. I have no objection to sweets for special occasions. I’m going to make him a chocolate rum cake for Father’s Day. But he wants something sweet every single day. Drives me nuts.

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Hey is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? Let him bake the brownies. Give them the wall test. After a few times of having to replace or spackle sheetrock, his habit may wane a bit. Call it some form of exposure therapy.

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Fo realz.

And this.


Insert massive eye roll here

He is perfectly capable of baking his own treats.

Alternately you could make him a deal. You will bake for him if he does something for you (like clean the toilets).

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Daughter does bake sometimes. But she’s dealing with health issues that leave her nauseated with no appetite 99% of the time. She’s dropped an alarming amount of weight and I’m frankly happy to feed her anything she thinks she can keep down. Obviously we’d prefer it not be junk food, but I did get her a smoothie blender and plan to keep her stocked with ingredients.


Along with a sponge and some dish soap.

People also need to let go. If someone uses the kitchen to cook and all the dishes end up in the dishwasher (or washed) and all the countertops and stovetop wiped down, then they’ve cleaned up after the cooking. If someone else has high standards, then that’s their problem and they can’t expect to hold all the adults in the house to it. If they want to clean up again afterwards, that’s on them–but no complaining about it.

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Well, the solution is simple here. If he wants baked goods, he can make it himself and then clean up after himself. A grown man should know how to and even if he didn’t, there’s the wonderful world of YouTube

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Sorry to hear about your daughter’s health issues. Hope she is better soon.

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I agree he should make an effort to clean up. If it isn’t up to her standards it only takes a few minutes to go back over and wipe things down. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

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This is how I grew up. We didn’t have dessert every night or drink sweet tea. My brother and I drank whole milk for breakfast and dinner until we both left home. Went through a gallon a day eventually so good thing we still got milk delivery to our back door until I was in Jr High!

Desserts were for birthdays and holidays. Occasionally I baked some cookies when I was in high school and half the time they would go bad before we remembered to finish them.

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That’s funny, because I think you are, when you don’t bake for them.

So, Lisa and I are both doing keto, but we eat at different times, and I usually come home and prepare something for myself, after she’s already eaten earlier in the day. We do eat together on the weekends, but it’s still keto.

The point I’m trying to make is, even though we both eat keto, I still don’t expect Lisa to cook everything for me. I’m perfectly capable of feeding myself.

What I hear you asking is, are you being a good wife/mother when you refuse to bake for your family?

This is really tough, because for so long we have equated sweets with love. So often we express our love to others by giving them sweets! The very act of baking is an expression of love; that you would take the time to do it.

I can understand how this could be conflicting since, I can only assume, you’ve been baking for your family for many years, and now you’re not. On top of this, you’re doing this new drastic, fad diet thing, where you basically cut out ALL your carbs! I mean, don’t we need carbs? I think I read that somewhere. :wink:

Just know in your heart that you’re doing the right thing, and as tough as it may be, you’re truly telling your family you love them when you don’t bake for them.

Honestly though, and I don’t want to be “beating up” on your husband, but he really isn’t supporting you when he continues to ask you to make stuff he knows you’re not eating.

I hope this temporary frustration, and hurdle you have to deal with doesn’t discourage you to stop. Thank you for sharing this with us, and I wish you all the best, @Marlitharn!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You are soooooo funny @dlc96_darren!! Always make me laugh!

Oh. Wait. You were serious. :neutral_face:

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Do you like to bake? Or make desserts? I don’t need them but have been making them for when we host dinners or go to someone’s house. If he likes them, it might be worth it. I make them because I’m trying to get my husband to go keto (kind of lower carb, but not there and HE has T2DM.). This might help tip him over if there are good treats for him. Eventually it seems like the sweets aren’t necessary, but I’m trying them with my dad to get him to be keto.

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I want nothing else in life, but to make you laugh.

Oh wait, I wasn’t being serious. :slight_smile:

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Oh you larve making me laugh.