Hungry after fasting

(Richard M) #1

I just did a 43 hour fast but needed to stop to take my new medicine with food.
Every time I do a fast over 36 hours and break it I can’t get enough to eat. It is like when I start eating I can’t stop. Never full until I have eaten and eaten a lot. Today I had 380 grams of fat and 184 grams of protein and under 5 grams of carbs. That is the most fat grams I have ever eaten.
I started out with 5 eggs fried in bacon grease, a can of water sardines and EVOO SLAMON. The next meal 4 hard boiled eggs and last meal 1 cup of air fried beef fat, 1.5 lbs sirloin steak, 2 ounces of chicken liver cooked in onion and tallow and 7 ounces of butter and one fat bomb. All within a 8 hour window.

Is there a reason for eating so much? Or is this normal? I have read and watched where you need to ease into eating after an extended fast. But, when I eat OMAD I’m not that hungry day to day. It is starting to make me not want to extend fast. Because I can’t stop eating. Background information: I am 57. SW 288 CW 228. Blood pressure is low 118/78. Other numbers are better than they have been in a long time.


That is strange, but we are all different. Oddly, I don’t usually get hungry during or after Fasting, and most times simply eat something when I start missing a nice meal, or just decide to eat if the family is eating something I find appealing. Then immediately question why I just didn’t continue Fasting. :confused:

Anytime I do EF, basically 2 or more days, I make sure to eat at least 4 meals following for the feasting part. (2 meals for 2 days) But yep, there are times I tend to eat quite a bit, but then again, most of my normal meals can fall into the same grouping to be honest. … And it’s not like I’m trying to make up for meals I did skip, but I also don’t eat until I’m stuffed either. - Maybe have a pre-planned meal the size you want to try set up in advance? I say that, but most times I myself have no idea what I want to break with, but can say most times it’s with a nice Steak, sometimes with Mushrooms, or something similar.

I have actually tried eating something smallish, an hour or so before eating the full meal, and I guess it works ok. But can’t actually say it’s needed, compared to when I simply go straight into a meal there’s much difference though? But in the past, anytime I broke with Eggs or any type of Nuts, it would at times, cause me some minor stomach issues, but nothing as of recent when I eat those things now.


Ya, your body thought it was gonna die and you let it know there was food around so it went to town on you! When I used to fast the same thing would happen once I ate something. I was easily undoing my fasts in most of those cases.

That’s a couple days worth of food man, you still progressing regularly eating like that?

You know what that was calorically? Wish I had the time to figure that one out right now!

(Richard M) #4

5731 calories.
When that happened to you? Did you “force” yourself to stop and eat only what you normally ate that day? Instead of giving into your brain saying “I am starving, EAT“.

(Bob M) #5

Interesting. I wonder if there are hormonal differences between us? I find I’m not as hungry. Often have to make myself eat more.

In fact, when I did the Dave Feldman test (4.5 days fasting, then 3 days of high calorie, high fat), it was brutal. I had a difficult time eating that much.

Maybe leptin, ghrelin, etc., are different for us, as are our responses to fasting for them?

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #6

You might want to wait a while longer to fast. Many people eventually find themselves skipping meals by accident, but it can take some time. For example, I was eating keto for over a year before I suddenly stopped wanting a meal in the morning. I just sort of naturally slipped into eating two meals a day. So when you get to the point where you suddenly remember, “I haven’t eaten yet today!” then you will be readier to fast. In the meanwhile, just feed your body and let it heal.

(Allie) #7

This used to happen to me when I was fasting too, well for anymore than 48 hours. Could easily put away two whole days worth of food after breaking the fast. It’s one of the reasons I stopped fasting.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #8

Many years ago pre-keto I did a 14 day juice fast - so not zero nutrients. At the end of it not only did I not feel hungry I did not even want to eat solid food. I felt wonderfully ‘clean’ inside and wanted to maintain that feeling. For what it’s worth.

(Bob M) #9

It’s complex. Here’s a Dr. Fung article on ghrelin, for instance:

Ghrelin in general goes down while fasting (higher ghrelin = hungrier). But it’s pulsatile. And, at the end, he discusses how if you have higher corsitol, fasting may not be a great idea.

So, what can act to decrease hunger in some, might have an opposite effect on others.

These studies did not show what happens when these people ate again, but I’d bet there are differences between people.

Perhaps those that have a “problem” with fasting have different hormonal responses than those that don’t have problems?

Also, I didn’t start fasting until I had been LC/keto over 1.5 years. And after all the fasting I’ve done (many, many 36 hour, 3+ day fasts), I react differently now (7.5 years into LC/keto) than what I did when I started. It’s harder now than then for me to fast. Though I’m attempting a 36 hour fast today, and am planning for a 4.5 day fast (want to see what happens to Lp(a) over that time, which I’ve not measured; only measured it at the end, not the beginning).


It even changes in one’s life, at least I have that with fasting. It was pretty normal to me on high-carb, it came naturally but very rarely.
It never came on low-carb and I can’t do it on carnivore at all (sometimes I can’t even do IF, OMAD days may happen in better times but skipping a day? never this far, I get hungry). The more carbs I eat, the easier I find eating big meals and those satiate me for longer. It doesn’t mean fat adaptation didn’t help but I still tend to need carbs for a big meal. But EF is special and it just doesn’t happen nowadays. I suspect my high-carb massive overeating was the reason in my past, my body wanted a break now and then…

I know insatiable hunger though but it has nothing to do with longer fasts, those never make me hungrier and my longest fast made me so disconnected from eating I had a tiny meal on the day I broke it. But we are different.

380g fat, impressive. My record is somewhere around 260g on keto (I think it was on carnivore? on an unusually high-cal day) but I was below 160lbs and didn’t try to eat much fat. I probably could go higher using not satiating fats.
Focusing on protein may keep the calories lower even on a super hungry day…? I never managed to eat super high protein, I stop around 200g. Next time I will test it!


yea, you are eating a ton cause you are starving your body and your body is telling you just that. Listen.

Normal. No. Many can extend fast and easily come back into it with a small food acceptance but this is not you. They are probably in a more healed physical body state than you are at this time. Thing is each person are at different physical levels of healing in their bodies to handle an EF and your body is telling you not yet. Listen.

If you just eat each day as you normally would on your Keto Plan, your body will eventually ‘even out and flip appetite times’ and truly put you into a very normal, very natural eating pattern for you, which is like an omad day or a 2mad day.

So just eat your Keto Plan…enjoy life as you require and it suits your body and don’t ‘force’ anything. In full truth your healthy keto eating plan will truly show you what path to follow.

what new medicine? is it something you adopted Keto Plan to handle and maybe stop taking meds? just curious and ok if you don’t want to say your med issues on the board :slight_smile: but meds will and can easily effect your eating so listen a bit more about what these meds might/how effect your eating also.

wishing you the best…the best is just do what your body asks and don’t force anything unnatural feeling ever in your eating plan.


(When) I’m successful in stopping a binge in progress, it’s usually because I either go for a walk, go to the gym, or go to bed. If one of those doesn’t happen it’s lookout cookout!

(Bob M) #13

I fasted 32 hours (about), then did a short body weight training to failure (each set to failure). Think legs, back, chest. Then went and rode my racing bike to a local hill (not that big), up it, down it, turned around, rode up it and then down it, then went back to my house.

Ate about 3 hours after finishing my exercise (ate about 10 am, finished before 7 am), so about 37 total hours fasting before eating.

Ate a normal lunch.

Not hungry at all. It’s only noon, but I won’t eat again until about 7:30 pm tonight. And I likely won’t be actually hungry until around then. Or that’s been my pattern, anyway.

(Allie) #14

I never got past feeling hungry when I was fasting, it always ended up being mind over matter to resist the urge to eat. Decided in the end that fasting wasn’t right for me and now I’m trying to built muscles (and gaining nicely), I don’t really worry about time restrictions either. Though do still avoid eating close to bed time simply because it messes up my sleep.

(Doug) #15

:clap: :sunglasses: Whatever else is going on, that’s darn good.

It’s changed for me over the years. There was more of a “rebound” effect of really being hungry and not easily satisfied after fasting in the beginning, but it’s decreased over time.

I’m 62, and the same thing has occurred overall, even when not fasting. I used to be a ‘5 plates of food’ person, and now it’s 1 or 1.5. Maybe just getting old. :smile:


A total personal opinion, forced fasting thru hunger and going batsh** crazy while doing it is the stupidest thing.

now thru religious etc. I get it.

Not normal when food is available and if we eat the correct food for daily nourishment our natural bodies will put us on a natural eating plan that will gain our health and healing and include a natural fasting period in between cause we are healed! We don’t require food to the max after our healing but this takes time. A natural IF type moment for all of us.

Yes mankind never had food daily thru our beginnings but damn if they did would they eat it, yes they would LOL Thing is back then, eons ago it was meat/whatever seasonal plant food that didn’t poison you for survival so…

why in the heck torture yourself when others say just ‘eat your healthy daily eating plan’ is ok?

How many Keto plan people ate every single day and got all the results they required for their lives? Without the crazy forced fasting?

not sure on this, others have to pony up their experiences I guess

(Bob M) #17

I think it’s variable, and if you’re thinner, you’re more likely to be hungrier or even not be able to fast. Some people don’t do well with fasting.

My ability to fast has gone way down over the last 5+ years.

But I still like it. There’s nothing that can reduce insulin and change hormones like fasting.

Anyway, I was not hungry until 7pm, when we ate. No or very low hunger for 10+ hours. May have eaten a bit more than normally last night. Not sure, since I don’t track.

Ate a bit early (10 am) today. But again, I’ll not be hungry until 7pm or so. That’s been my daily pattern lately.

The only time that has seemed to change is when I eat high protein but low fat. Then I seem to get hungry earlier, even resorting to eating a meal at around 3pm or so.

(Doug) #18

I think a lot of people have success that way. Yet a lot also have the experience that ketogenic eating provides metabolic healing, and then it’s fasting that provides the majority of weight loss, and fasting that most quickly addresses insulin resistance and some other issues.

If fasting is TOO HARD, especially after one has done it for a while, then perhaps in their individual case it’s just not the right way to go. For me, it’s really not hard to fast - one is on a totally ketogenic diet at that point, consuming stored fat, and it got easier the more I fasted.

Eating “the natural way” - I hear you , Fangs. :slightly_smiling_face: But that was never how I did it… :smile:


OMG! nuff said
and based on? so off balance this statement is scary actually.


which I agree with.

I said as per individual and healing times for each of us.
We are so diff on med issues coming into plans, our work/stress lifestyles and truly SO much more that if ONE forces fasting and feels off…can we give this a DUH moment to learn about us as we need?

we ALL are so engrained in our personal journey but when a poster says I feel off…come on, tell them to stop the stupid is what I am saying…plus we are all very diff. on timelines on plan and how we came in, our needs, our time to heal etc that this ‘basic info’ about ‘do this and that’ can’t be blanket.

I get ya. I did MY thing also and always thought what the heck is your problem you can’t ‘do me’ and it backfired.

longer on plan I know one thing, we ain’t gonna be the same ever so our approach can’t be a personal one fit all is kinda what I am sayin’ here