Humor :-)

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Hehe =)).

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Level 5 vegans are the tastiest…lol

Could not resist reposting this one…lol

(Susan) #1904

Hehe --my son’s ex gf is a Vegan --nicest girl you would ever want to meet (I really wanted her to be my daughter in law, we are still friends, which annoys my son, haha). She has been totally supportive of my Keto losses, etc even though it is of course totally NOT the way she eats =).

(Doug) #1905

Some things are getting easier…



“I Would Wash 500 Hands” was my ear worm today. Up until I was racing through the grocery store after work, and “Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting” came on. Yes. Yes, I did. I started singing along- with the new lyrics.
I had an ugly day at work, and listening to people snicker and snort at my singing made things better.

(Central Florida Bob ) #1907

The one that I can’t get out of my brain is “COVID 19” to the tune of Come On Eileen.

I didn’t even particularly like that song; I mean it was OK but I never bought it or went out of my way to hear it. Now it’s there everyday. (twitches)


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image Never washes his hand! (a/k/a: Ugly Sock Puppets alter ego)

Never feed your sock puppets bird seeds!

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Teeheehee, damn I can’t find the bog roll emoji so here’s all the possible wipe arse friendly emojis :droplet::cloud_with_rain::ribbon::yarn::teddy_bear::dog2::poodle::cat2::maple_leaf::hibiscus::point_up::womans_clothes::coat::socks::tshirt::jeans::dress:. See could use anyone of these things. We must improvise In this lack of dunny paper catastrophe. Ok, Maybe not the finger.:dizzy_face::scream::joy:

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I know a Vegan and she would be very tasty indeed.:wink: ( Oh I’m bad) :scream:


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