Humor :-)

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@RightNOW Mmm…
Cthulhu Portal Quiche, my favorite! :man_cook:t3:


My hubby uses the word “Ketosis” A LOT…usually poking fun at himself when he eats something especially carby. (He would very much like to do Keto again after the holidays, just not around Thanksgiving and Christmas.) He learned the word, got Ketostix, etc. Anyways, I came home late from work, and discovered he made a sneak run to McD’s. Saw the big McDonald’s cup he had stashed as he took a swig when he thought I was looking.
He glanced up and saw me glaring at him. He grinned and said, “Guess I’m in Mctosis.” I was pissed that he went to McD at all, but the Mctosis comment made me giggle so hard, I snorted. So…new word for the day, folks. Mctosis.

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@SecondBreakfast I believe we have several forum members who are Mctosis cycling…

The Mctosis Crappy Meal! :hamburger::fries::cup_with_straw:



Lol, I never should have taught my husband the word “carbage”…it’s often used against me…and followed by “yum” as he eats something non-Keto in front of me :rofl:

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My grand daughter (who is 3) happily proclaims to everyone at Costco and Walmart that “Grandma is Keto” --especially when I say no to all the samples at Costco… haha.

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@BeStill Yeah, I used to tell my X who’s gluten free that I preferred gluten rich foods! :joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:

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#!/usr/bin/env tclsh8.6
while {association != causation} {
    puts stdout "Show me the mechanism."
# this program outputs "Show me the mechanism." ad nauseam until terminated by the user, the operating system, or by an interruption in electric supply.

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Some people just know how to party

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OMG, I could appreciate everything until he used a mop to put butter on them, and then I couldn’t help thinking “great, now there’s fuzzy mop fibers stuck to the outside of that meat.” (my personal brain problems, I know) :rofl:

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Making me smile today.

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nothing beats thanksgiving pants!!







Posted this in the “What Did You Keto” thread since it was fitting… but posting it here too. :slight_smile:

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As we see before and after pictures here frequently I’m reminded of:

“Saludos, my darlings, and you know who you are” You look Marvelous