Humor :-)

(Bob M) #141

Actually, they are the worst due to their high PUFA content, but most news outlets have no clue about that. After all, PUFAs are “healthy”.

(Sophie) #142


Having assembled more burgers in my lifetime than I can count, something is off about that bottom bun. If the weights of all that stuff is accurate, I believe it would look more like a pancake than it does in that picture. Just sayin.

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One bite at a time? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



(Linda) #145

That little dude has a lucrative future playing The Michilin Man.

(Daisy) #146

Lol believe it or not my first born looked identical to that baby! Now she’s a super skinny tween! Her pediatrician literally called her the Michelin baby lol

(bulkbiker) #147

No-one laughs while eating salad do they?

(Doug) #148

I see what you mean, Sophie. I’m not sure - the weight of everything above it is roughly 13 times that of the bottom half of the bun, which is definitely a greater multiple than for single-patty burgers in general. However, in a normal burger, unless the bun gets wet with fat or vegetable juice or toppings (even though we’re talking about the bottom half of the bun), it often doesn’t compress much at all - correct me if I’m wrong.

Here’s a picture of it on a scale:

The buns are specially made by the Michigan Bread Company. They must be pretty stout: witness the 134 lb burger where the bun is compressed a little in the center, but still stands quite tall. I’m guessing they are not as light and airy as normal buns, perhaps?

Above, the 134 lb burger.

There is more to this story - the bar and grill no longer has the record.

The above snack was made with three patties, rather than one. The Michigan bar owner says his big grill can handle a patty 2.5 feet larger in diameter than the 1794 lb burger had, and he’s going to try and reclaim the record. If he does do that big of a patty, with the same thickness, the meat would weight 2.25 times as much.


Only women and only when the salad is funny

(Sophie) #150

I see stuff like that and just think it’s obscene, especially considering the number of people in the world that go to bed hungry every night. It makes me sad. Surely the efforts on that food could be put to better use.

(Doug) #151

I think most of it was turned into taco meat and donated to soup kitchens, so not too bad, there. I do hear you, though - the extravagance of some and the incredible amount of wasted food…

(Sophie) #152

I agree…not very humorous.


When I see people doing stupid stuff with meat and wasting flesh it’s upsetting. If it’s for eating, fine but sorry cow, I’m going to kill you so me and my buddies can sculpt you into a funny meme burger.

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@Ketodaisy, is this from Western PA? That sounds like our typical forecasts. LOL.

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You think that’s bad? There were an estimated 35 million buffalo in the US. Basically all of them were killed within a few years for their pelts. They tossed the meat and bones.

I found this out while listening to this:


What a waste. Buffalo are delicious!

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I guess I’m missing the point of this whole silly competition. Must be a guy thing (mine’s bigger than yours…). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:slightly_frowning_face: Stuff like this is a bad part of human nature. While we’re not all like that, it’s far from rare.

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Somewhat, yes - he wants the world record back.