Humor :-)


:joy::joy: totally us :clinking_glasses:

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But I didn’t know it was considered a food ?

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It’s not, but I have known people who lived on it for years! :joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:


Some people use it like it’s food, some people use it to avoid food, etc… it should be in the food category? :wink:

Edit: what @David_Stilley said :joy:

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@Meerkatsandy It’s kind of like shirataki noodles with a buzz. :crazy_face:


Probably a better “mental clarity” effect than ketones, mct oil and other enhancers combined😂 so yes, cocaine is keto-friendly😂


Innovative New Process Converts Vegetables into Meat

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I’ll apply!
“Limp” in and get greasy
I guess

Limp…in reference to bacon
You dirty mind people :rofl:

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@Madeleine that was hilarious, I had to snap a screenshot of what comes up when you open the link. Funny article.


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Vintage advertising that wouldn’t fly today!


Post depression era

image image image

:scream: Scary parenting!!!

This would still sell well, but I doubt if it would be used for toothaches! :wink:


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Or only cost 15 cents! haha

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Good for whatever ails ya! :grinning:

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:scream: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Comfort Food

Just sayin😬