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Girrrrrl you are right. I happened across a pic of all of them pre-surgery from years ago. You couldn’t even tell it was them. Esp Kim. Now, I’m no model whatsoever, but if you’re going to put yourself in the public eye, you will be scrutinized. Kim used to look like someone no one would do a double take at.

One of my fav things to look at every once in a while is celebs with no makeup. Most aren’t even discernible, but some are beautiful even without it.

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Omg! The pre-surgery clan was straight busted just like the rest of us :joy: I will never understand how people laud them so fanatically. They had a fuck ton of surgery, big deal!!

I am also (shamefully) a fan of celebs with no makeup … it’s nice to know they also exist in the normal people realm, occasionally.

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One thing I know for sure about looks: A gorgeous woman becomes ugly the second you learn she’s shallow and mean and an average-looking guy gets more and more handsome the wittier and more intelligently he converses. But maybe that’s just me.

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I don’t get it whatsoever. And why, for so long, are they in the spotlight? You would think “sparkle and fade” would apply here, but it’s like an eternal road flare. My thought is, she’s a witch lol. BURN THE WITCH.

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Just another is a long line of no-talent twits that the Hollywierd controllers choose to promote. There is most certainly a price to pay for it.

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Just in time for the holidays

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lol. 2012 & beyond has been a very strange time :face_with_monocle:

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I will fully agree with this :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:

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Love where that thought can go. MK ULTRA/Project Monarch. They still have a use for whatever her programmed agenda is.

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Yep. Until they are not useful.


Oh, but animals will drink milk after infancy, unless they’re kicked away by their annoyed mother. But some cat mothers will accept a one year old “kitten”. And cats generally agree that dairy is good. Never saw a natural predator have smoothie though. Closest thing is a slice of cucumber or two.

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One brother and I used to kid our youngest brother that he breastfed until age 15.

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Plastic Jesus says it best and it can’t be said enough these days…